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The brain-child of Jaime Buckley, Wanted Hero is a story that spans thousands of years and hundreds of characters. With a passion for the human soul, the author focused on entertaining readers, while encouraging them to pursue their goals and dreams in life…to stretch beyond their pre-conceived notions and self-inflicted limits. 

Jaime's not the ONLY one encouraging readers to move on to something more...


Journey with Wendell P. Dipmier, a teen from Earth, thrust into circumstances beyond his control. Accepting the mantle of the legendary Hero, he must find his courage, develop skills and build relationships among the races of an unfamiliar world. Unfortunately, no one ever mentioned giants, trolls, evil mägo or the beautiful shop owner who would try to eat him.

Would have been nice to know.

Luckily he’s been endowed with the Ithari. With this massive gem in his…”possession”, he has the potential of becoming one of the most powerful mägo ever to walk the land.

That is…if he can figure out how to use it.


Joining our hero is Dax–a deformed, outcast Evolu and Morphiopehlius, a senile old mägo who was still alive when the last Hero roamed the land.

Thousands of lives have been woven and interlocked to bring us the CHRONICLES OF A HERO…and you’re just in time! All must choose sides in this fight against the darkness. For evil will return to the land, and it will consume those who refuse to fight. Which side will you choose?

Wanted Hero Books

Chronicles of a Hero (main storyline)

  • Prelude to a Hero (#0.5)
  • Race to Til-Thorin (#1)
  • Trench Wars (#2)
  • The Truth About Lies (#3)

Hobin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguides

  • Demoni Vankil (#1)
  • Bloodsticks: A brief history & practical application (#2)

Letters to Alhannah

  • How I Met Your Mother (#1)

WHAT IF?…you were the HERO (choose your own ending adventure)


Wanted Hero Games

  • Race to Til-Thorin (by Jolly Jaunt Games)
  • GO Smiley!
  • Bloodsticks


About the Author


Jaime Buckley is a husband and father of 11. Writer, author, game designer, illustrator and Pepsi Connoisseur, he loves to share his experiences and encourage new talent. His vision of this fantasy world has been a consuming passion for nearly 20 years. With eight books, three games, 13 comics and two graphic novels published to date, there is still a great amount of work to be done.

“Wanted Hero was never meant to be a single storyline, but it is wrapped together in a single story. It’s my story. It’s yours. It’s the story of human struggle–of pain and anguish and rising above the conflicts of our lives to become what we were always meant to be. Something more.

Wendell is my catalyst. He is that piece of my heart that I desperately want to share with the world. By making myself vulnerable, it has always been my hope that readers will find their own hearts expanding, becoming aware of the wonders and magic within their own lives.”

Jaime blogs daily on this site. His works can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks or ordered through you local bookstore and library. If you don’t have access to them, make sure to put in a request with your librarian.

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