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…with characters you will never forget.

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“You are more than you think you are.”

That’s what Wendell keeps telling himself when no one’s looking.

To think that he ever complained about his life before now.

Go to school. Get a job.

Try to find a girlfriend.

It was so simple!

So… ‘normal.’
(Except the girlfriend part…)

Unfortunately for Wendell, the Universe had other plans for him after High School.

Welcome to a world of wonder, magic & mayhem. Where giants, elves, dwarves and gnomes are real…and those wielding great magical power (called ‘Mägo’) speak with animals, manipulate nature…and command the very elements themselves.

It’s a world saturated by myth and legend, where shadows roam free and dragons walk among men, unseen.

For nearly a millennia the evil of this world has been bound. A darkness discovered and set loose, embraced by free will and choice—all to satisfy an unquenchable lust for power. Lord of Lies, Serpent of the Shadows, The Betrayer…he is known by many names, though one is whispered by all…


His desire is to conquer all life and subject it to his will.

As in all great stories, a hero is called.

Hidden among the people of Earth to preserve his life, a messenger is sent to bring the youth home.

Foreordained to battle the darkness, he is given the Itharithe Hero gem, allowing this last of a royal bloodline to do what no other can:

Defeat the evil encroaching upon the world once and for all.

Prophecy declare he is to become the greatest Mägo the world has ever known!

Now with the whole world dependent upon young Wendell, there’s only one challenge left he must overcome.

…they grabbed the wrong guy.

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Welcome to the world of WANTED HERO

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