Also known as “Vatsakär” (VAYT-se-cahr) or stomach serpent, this semi-rare intestinal condition is brought about by excessive consumption of fermented drinks, combined with undercooked meats–specifically from predatory beasts.

The worm-like parasites attach themselves to the lining of the stomach as well as the large and small intestines, feeding upon fermented substances mixed with stores of body fat.

If ample amounts of fermentation are not maintained, the parasites will feed upon the stomach lining for survival. However, maintaining any level of fermentation within the body encourages the rabid incubation of eggs. If left untreated, the multiplication of parasites can overwhelm the patient, causing intense stomach pain, excessive intestinal gas and minor bleeding within the patients stool. However, advanced stages include a lack of hunger, internal bleeding and even death.


Though this condition can be painful and very serious, a tea solution of distilled water mixed with the powdered bark of a young silveen tree and fresh dandelion root can ease the pain and allow for a natural cure. The tea must be consumed as hot as possible, which draws the Vatsakär away from the lining of the organs.

A patient should consume three (3) cups of tea, which will, in most instances, put the worms into a dormant state for up to 72 hours and numb the lining of the organs.

During such time, an organic body purge may be performed to flush the worms from the body.