Chucks Cottage

Welcome Home. We've got everything you need...

Charming, quaint and peaceful, Chuck's Cottage has been sitting for generations in the central forest of Sanctuary. Not once have the Iskari people asked what lay beyond the rickety old door.   Well, except for Fred, but he ended up as a garden gnome in Chuck's front yard (you shouldn't use a potty-mouth in front of a sensitive mägo.   The Cottage was built by the last hero, designed to not only house the one burdened with the mantle...but to assist him in his office. That includes 50 guest bedrooms, 63 1/2 bathrooms, a bowling alley, Olympic-sized pool, go-cart race track, basketball court, an extensive library, pizza parlor, horse stables, and riding arena.   At last count, anyway--there could be more.
Chuck's Cottage first appeared in the book Race to Til-Thorin.
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