Stranded, alone
…with a tree sticking out of his bellybutton.


Wendell’s task is simple: get to Til-Thorin Keep.   No problem.   Add to that no map, no help and no flippin’ idea where he is and you have a day in the life of our hero.   Oh waitwe forgot to add the army of cannibals now nipping at his heels.   It just might be the death of him.

Into the Fire is book three in the CHRONICLES OF A HERO series, by Jaime Buckley.   Elemental magic and nail-biting action are what you can expect. Fans of Dragonlance and The Hobbit will love this new addition to the series.   Don’t wait to grab your copy—buy one today!   You can buy the book now in digital or print through Amazon (print) or your favorite online retailer.

Product details

Print Length:

328 pages


On the Fly Publications; 1 edition (January 26, 2015)

Publication Date:

January 26, 2015



Age Level:


What Readers Are Saying:

"I think this book will be well-liked by those who like Harry Potter, but I think it goes to a new level where those who didn't like Harry Potter can still love this book!"
"Reading the third book in this series has really made a connection between Wendell and my family. We have all experienced loss, and the pains and trials that go with it, including the feeling of loneliness due to separation. I love how Wendell keeps plugging on, even when he himself knows his cowardliness and fears of failure. I don't think that he really is afraid for himself as much as he is afraid of letting others down. I couldn't wait to see how this series ended!"


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