A special cloth made from the virgin threads of Cynder Spiders (the smaller babies before mating occurs) and immersed in a carefully guarded alchemy solution. This allows for the material to absorb incantations and enchantments more readily.   Mägoweave comes in several forms and levels of enchantments. These include self-repair, self-cleaning, the strength of the weave itself--which can be hardened to imitate reinforced leather, chainmail and in rare cases even plate armor. These are all possible, while still keeping the cloth itself pliable, soft and comfortable to wear...oftentimes mimicking satin.   Unique Properties The unique properties of Mägoweave are its magical potential. Very few magical tailors can correctly imbue the cloth which enables the interweaving of magic. This is why such cloth is exceedingly costly to make and even more so to buy. The process itself takes months to carefully weave the fine threads into enough cloth to make a garment, and longer still to seal specific enchantments into the garment.   Unlike those who practice some form of the Seven Disciplines, the creation of mägoweave is a specialized field, and there are few who ever develop the skills to a level of acceptable proficiency.


Physical Characteristics

One of the advantages of mägoweave is its pliability. The cloth can be woven in virtually any fashion, just like common thread--which allows for tailors to customize the garment to fit the clients' tastes, custom or social standards.   This simple fact alone makes the cloth greatly desirable, especially to mägo, the wealthy and even political figures.


The properties of mägoweave are completely dependent on the enchantments applied. What a garment can do is only limited to the power and ingenuity of the mägo applying them.   Common uses include:

  • Self-cleaning;
  • Self-repairing (rips/tears
  • Extended wear (immune to wear and tear
  • Armor enhancements (to protect the wearer
  • Enhanced senses (sight, strength, etc
  • Dimensional pockets (able to hold large quantities of goods/money without weight
  • Healing (accelerates the natural healing process of a wearer, including fatigue).


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