Wizards. Elves.
Giant Robots with Automatic Weapons.


Wendell is dying for a change of scenery, but Clockworks City has a ban on all outsiders.   It’s a law punishable by death.   So how does a 5’ 10” human hide among 1.5 BILLION gnomes?   By competing in the #1 televised extreme sport in the country, of course.

Trench Wars is book four in the CHRONICLES OF A HERO series, by Jaime Buckley.   Enjoy bullets, babes and a bowl of mushroom soup as this series jumps from humorous fantasy to comical science fiction! If you enjoy a good laugh, intense action and unexpected endings, you’ll love book four in the Chronicles of a Hero series.   Grab your copy and keep the epic buzz going!   You can buy the book now in digital or print through Amazon (print) or your favorite online retailer.

Product details

Print Length:

286 pages


On the Fly Publications; 3 edition (August 9, 2013)

Publication Date:

August 9, 2013



Age Level:


What Readers Are Saying:

"(got yelled at by mom to put my Nook away all week....*sigh*) It was that good."
"By far my kid's favorite in the series! My children love stories that are Steam-Punk like the Legend of Korra series cartoons, so Trench Wars was just what they wanted. Mech battles, espionage, intrigue, this story has them all! This book went a lot faster than it's predecessors, but was just as enjoyable and fulfilling. Definitely pushing the series in an interesting direction."


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