Jaime Buckley

Jaime Buckley

Author, Illustrator, Creator of the Universe (the Wanted Hero Universe that is...)

I’ve always wanted to do something famous. Never wanted to BE famous, mind you…just DO something famous.

Well that…and marry the prettiest girl in the world.

So after I found her, wooed her with my irresistible charm and married her, I got back to searching for that ‘famous’ thing to do.

It wasn’t until after I’d become a grandfather that my children explained, “You’ve been doing it all along.”

I’ve earned the titles of Author, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Game Designer, Dragon Lord, King Maker, Monster Hunter, Sliver Slayer, Trainer of Heroes, Breaker of Bridges, Smoker of Meats, Sucker of Slurpees, World Builder and Elf Friend(ish). I’ve also been known as Dad, Daddy, Poppa, Papa Bear, Grandpa, ‘sweetie’ and ‘Heya Gorgeous’ (I’m holding onto that last one, BTW).

I currently hold Bob’s Book of World Records for sucking 42 raspberry Jell-O cubes through a straw in 90 seconds…and continue to defend my Clockworks record for back to back arm wrestling wins (97.8 gnomes). It would have been nice to say that I was also a member of the Green Lantern Corps, but they rejected my application.

Apparently they don’t have spandex suits in 5XL (their loss).

Aside from marrying my darling wife and being a father to 12 very cool (and properly raised) children, Wanted Hero is my favorite project to date. Each of these books, games and bits of merchandise have a sliver of my mind, a generous chunk of my heart and all of my experience behind them.

Life should be packed with encouragement, smiles and lots of laughter, so I hope you enjoy these books as much as I love making them for you.

INTERVIEWS, GUEST POSTS, BOOK BLOGGERS & GIVEAWAYS: Please email me if you’d like to schedule an interview or guest post. I prefer doing guest posts for sites that have a youth following, but there are exceptions. Just let me know what you’re looking for–I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis.

Book bloggers can contact me for a free copy of any eBook, just let me know what format you want it in.

Those wanting to involve Wanted Hero in a giveaway or contest—shoot me an email. I’m happy to talk about possibilities and adding value to your website and contest. If you’re a teacher, homeschooler or youth leader and have a project for kids, I’m always interested in contributing if I can spice up your prizes/rewards. Just contact me and let’s see if there’s something I can do. =)

AFFILIATES: For those who keep asking if I have an affiliate program, it’s coming. Once the website is fine tuned, we’ll look into creating a simple system with some fun buttons so you can make money on our books and games. To make sure you get notified, consider joining the Fan Club.

AGENT INQUIRIES: North American rights are not available, but foreign rights are. I am looking for literary agencies who specialize in offering rights in multiple foreign languages. Please contact me directly: Email Jaime Buckley

Any time I’m feeling down or unmotivated all I have to do is hop over here and it’s like happiness caffeine. (Must. Get. Jaime. Fix.)

Jaime is hands-down one of the most talented, encouraging and downright fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I refer to him as my muse because every time we chat, or I read something he’s written, it inspires me to go create something amazing. He has a way of bringing out the best in people just by being his outrageously hilarious self.

His writing is way too entertaining, though…I’m not getting any sleep lately because it’s too hard to put his books down and go to bed!

Mandie Sanders


Jaime Buckley is an amazing creative talent.

His stories. His art. The worlds he creates. All his creative endeavors are awesome. And he’s the hardest working man I know.

But you know what really sets Jaime Buckley apart? He’s the most genuine human being you’ll likely find.

Add that to his dependability and you have yourself a rockstar talent.

Jon Filitti

Author, Out Of This World

Jaime Buckley is a unique and quirky breed of writer. It’s not because of his style or skill….but his focus.

What’s makes this man so likable and why we adore him is that within minutes, you quickly realize his business isn’t products or information–it’s people. Teaching, encouraging, entertaining, empowering and uplifting people–no matter who they are or where they live.

What’s impressive, is he’s incredibly good at it.

Just to be clear, this isn’t something Jaime doesit’s who he is…and that powerful fact makes him a gem to work with.

Lynne Knowlton

Design The Life You Want To Live!

Jaime D. Buckley is a fine storyteller of heroic tales, and also a wonderful artist. I’ve enjoyed working with him, and look forward to working with him again!

David Farland

New York Times & International Best Selling Author

“I first met Jaime at an incredible party he was throwing in a comments thread. From that day on, all other comments threads were ruined for me. I’d seen how they could be – and nothing else would ever come close…”

Jaime gives off so many good vibrations and excitations that the Beach Boys should pay him royalties. I urge you to sign up for his blog posts! I did and was brought here intrigued by the thought of speedos and barbecue sauce – a potentially eye-watering combination but hey, I’m flexible.

Then he threw Tribbles into the mix (what’s not to love) and before I could help myself, I was Googling what does “jIyajbe’,” mean in Klingon because I didn’t understand – loved the irony there…” Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Sir Jaime of Buckley (as I like to call him in anticipation of his inevitable Knighthood) is the real deal. He’s a sublime and hugely funny writer, a massively talented artist and he narrowly missed out on the Olympic Gold for cheese consumption.

And he’s a truly lovely man with all the right values in all the right places. To borrow Jaime’s own motto – “He is more than he thinks he is” and I’m proud and delighted to know him.”

Mary Collings

Write Hacks

Jaime’s commitment to teaching kids how to be better people is inspiring.

He manages to teach heroism and other niceties through his fiction so that his readers don’t even realize they’re learning. That’s the best kind of teaching and it’s rare. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone like him and there’s probably a reason for that.

So, get to know him – you won’t regret it.

Matt Langdon

The Hero Roundtable

Jaime Buckley is a writer with the ability to both challenge and inspire his readers with words of wisdom and insight.

His humor, his love for family, and his desire to encourage permeate his writing in a way that leaves me wanting to come back for more. There are so many excellent authors and so little time, but reading Jaime’s work is something I always walk away from feeling as though I have been changed for the better.

Heather Baker

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