The guide that can help you create dynamic, believable worlds faster than ever before!

Advanced Worldbuilding Guide

Simplify the Process

AWB takes the mystery out of creativity by explaining the WHY, and then breaks the process down for you.

Explode your Creativity

Discover fun methods to unleash waves of new ideas you can draw upon any time you want!

Eliminate Writers Block

Learn how your mind WANTS to work, so you can eliminate common blocks and get out of your own way.

Use Trigger Questions

AWB provides powerful ‘Trigger Questions’ which actually force creativity at a moments notice!

Every story REQUIRES worldbuilding.

 …but what if there was a way to simplify the process?

A system that would open the doors of creativity in your own mind, providing a constant flow of ideas?

Advanced Worldbuilding is a unique guide that takes you by the hand and helps you understand the ‘why’ of worldbuilding, so the ‘how’ comes naturally.

Written as a conversation to help you learn faster…

Author Jaime Buckley has been a teacher and mentor to youth, parents, writers, artists, and thousands of others in professional fields across the country since 2005. Advanced WORLDBUILDING is modeled after the way he teaches–through interactive conversations with his audience. Written in the form of a conversation, Jaime takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, through the process of creation with a focus on the end goal: To tell a brilliant story. 

Not Only the Best Guide to Worldbuilding, But the Most Fun!

into-the-sky“So you have a world inside your head and want to bring it to life? You don’t know where to start? Well, never fear – Jaime Buckley’s Advanced Worldbuilding has got you covered!

…the real treasure of the book is the detailed world-building questions listed later in the book, and the associated templates. This is the meat of the book, and really makes you dig into your own imagination to find the answers. Usually, nonfiction authors answer questions for the reader. Here, as in Jeopardy, the point is in the question. The right questions will force a writer to delve deep, and the result is worlds brimming with life and uniqueness.”

Erica Converso

Author of INTO THE SKY

A fast, fun, and informative guide on how to create your own world. Now if Jaime would only write a guide on how to rule your creations gently!

million-dollar-outlines“Jaime D. Buckley is a fine storyteller of heroic tales, and also a wonderful artist. I’ve enjoyed working with him, and look forward to working with him again!”

David Farland

New York Times & International Best Selling Author, & author of MILLION DOLLAR OUTLINES

Jaime is an amazingly talented storyteller, artist, and illustrator. The first time I saw his work I was blown away — and he’s only gotten better since!

clean-kill-in-tokyo-225“Graphic novel fans, check out …super fun, and with a character called the BookWorm you might recognize…”

Barry Eisler

New York Times & International Best Selling Author, & creator of the JOHN RAIN NOVELS

FREE Basic Templates

AWB provides you with a basic yet powerful set of templates 100% FREE. Now you can organize your notes according to character, animal, plants, object, illness, artifact, race, event, and even lore.

See This Material Used LIVE!

Jaime Buckley streams weekly from his Twitch.TV channel, sharing his creative process. Ask questions as he illustrates, writes, records his podcast and builds his Wanted Hero fictional world while interacting with viewers. Click on the Twitch image and you’ll be taken right to his channel. Make sure to follow and get notified when Jaime starts streaming!


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