The more you delve into this world, the more questions you’ll have.

(It happens to everyone.)


It’s OKAY to ask…

Too often we have questions, but don’t find what we’re looking for. Afraid of looking like we don’t know everything under the sun, we give up. We decide to play it cool, so we’re not embarrassed. The problem with that choice, is we lose out on discovering something new because of our insecurity of what other people think.

Ask us ANYthing.

You’re safe here. So if you want to know something about the books, the storyline or something truly unique and maybe even ‘odd’…GO FOR IT! We’ll either add your question to the FAQ page, blog about it or maybe even do a video to answer it! This site is for YOU, so keep in mind that you’ll never know the answer…unless you’re willing to ask the question.




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