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Eternal Deity


Ademal | Member Since 11 Nov, 2017
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I am a professional software developer, 2-bit author, and aspiring artist using World Anvil to create a centralized Lore and Mechanics Codex for my ongoing project, a pen-and-paper Grimbright Sci-fantasy RPG set in the distant future. There are over 20 races, 2 homeworlds, 6 major factions, and other such big, overambitious numbers. I'm really hoping to run the tool through its paces.   If you like what I'm doing, please consider buying me a coffee or supporting me on Patreon!

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Favorite Writers

Stephen King, Andy Weir, John Scalzi

Latest Loved work

The Crow Bar

The Spooky Skeletal Parade of Halween

The Fairy Girl


The Curse of 2020