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Who is Akimotos?

Well. that would be me, true. Born in Amsterdam in 1966.
In the 70s since i learned how to hold a pencil i doodle scribbled maps, locations and people. The spaceships i designed impressed some people and someone finally decided to steal my notebook. (why...?)
The 80s came and i went as professional into military service and it (the doodling) all faded into the background. Although i kept a lively fantasy and told storys i made up as if i was there it wasn't enough for me. I started with dungeons and dragons 2nd edition in 1985. I bought my dungeon master book at Harrods and still have it.
During the roaring 90s i did several game sessions with some friends and made a everlasting impression it seems, as they still talk about it whenever the subject comes up. I also played Meridian 59 and paid lots in online fees to play (AOL.. expensive). I didn't like it in the end and i moved on writing short stories for a bulletin board.
Finally the Year 2K arrived. And with it came some years of work and my first marriage, my first divorce and in 2003 again a marriage. I'm still with her and happy about it. So... lots of me doing a really good impression of being alive. As i picked up photography. As we all know... live happened and i worked. I started my own business, Digital Funwork, Which was a lot of the work, not much digital and only rarely fun. (administrative work sucks).
So... back to where i was... the new millennia started for me when i married my current wife in 2003. Life settled down and i actually found time to get back on track with adventures. Online gaming started to become more and more normal. around 2008 or was it 9 ? i started playing a few years of PbP starting with a really nice DM (Frostchilde) in the PbPhouse. (website is gone..) I participated in a several year long campaign running (play-by-post) like "Dark is the Moon". A great adventure. Several characters where ceated and i still have fond memories of them. like Finwick Boddynock... the gnome. or Anostiro, Belk and Snar. The ones that i made are here as characters.

And now! 2020! Time for something new!

I think it is time for me to create something new and the flame burns. World Anvil is new to me, but looks very promising. I have some other locations, but this one looks better. Kudos to the developer(s).
What do i normally use to create my things you might ask?
    • overall
Photoshop Filter Forge
    • mapping
Campaign Cartographer (CC3) Dundjinni (might be no longer selling the product) Inkarnate NBos Astrosynthesis. Since i prefer fantasy over sci fi for RPG... it rarely happens.
    • maps
cartographer guild
    • artwork
DAZ3D zBrush Blender 3D
    • sound
Tabletop Audio Syrinscape Other Tools HeroLab classic yes. i suck at the number crunching and rule details. And maybe the herolab isn't 100% foolproof, it still is more reliable then me. Realm Works that i helped kickstart.         Paul Fijma   Game Master & World Builder @ World Anvil

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Interests & Hobbies

i love photography (nikon) and high quality music listening. johan timman (trip into the body), pink floyd wish you where here, the wall, dark side of the moon, beatles, elvis presley, john lennon (mother, working day hero) and queen bohemian rhapsody. (i can go on for hours :-) hahaha)

Favorite Movies

Sci Fi movies: Star wars (first 3 original ones or ep. 4-5-6), Star trek (i find Benedict Cumberbath's role really impressive.), Aliens, avatar (sigourney weaver...) or Galaxy Quest with Tim allen (...Toolman Taylor)
Too much to sum up. I also like movies like 'In the name of the King' (quite good), 'Dungeons & Dragons' (really bad movie), 'Arn - The Knight Templar', 'Ironclad'. Some filsm are so bad... and still are on my list, due to something i really enjoyed. Like 'Dragon Crusaders' where i really like Cecily Fay as Aerona, a female warror. (only a few intersting scenes, and i love her ffighting style. Skilled in singing, dancing and ballet. She is also trained in the martial arts of Silat Melayu.). I also love many animated movies llike almost all of tudio Ghibli, but also Dragon Hunters (2008, animated) is absolute a great movie. Pixar... yeah what can i say... i love em all.

Favorite TV Series

Sanctuary, star gate, dark matter, altered carbon, star trek, deep space 9, babylon 5, sword art online, trollhunters, 3below, dragons - race to the edge, the dragon prince, final space, the deep, game of thrones, the witcher, Mandalorian.

Favorite Books

Foundation trilogy by asimov, dune by frank herbert, Day after Tomorrow by Robert A. Heinlein. there are more... but i cant remember titles as i was 7-8 when i read foundation trillogy. (tried when i was 6... but.. yeah. to heavy.) i learned about slippery jimmy degriz instead. and was instant hooked to sci fi novels.

Favorite Writers

m.k.wren, heinlein, asimov, herbert, harrison..., wim gijssen, carl lans... and many many more.

Favorite Games

a hard one... my favorite games. i love rpg. so skyrim, daggerfall and neverwinter. baldurs gate. But also space games like privateer.

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