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Bob the Awsome | Member Since 8 Sep, 2018
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Hi, Bob here. (I) been drawing, writing & creating forever. Being a disabled person I would spend countless hours getting lost in my own worlds instead of doing things kids normally do.   Making haunted houses and army bases, laying out the rooms and how it all worked was my version of a fun free afternoon.

Interests & Hobbies

Roleplaying, Tabletop games, Hiking, random acts of Kindness

Favorite Movies

Marvels: Civil War, Dr. Strange, Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, E.T., & Disneys animated movie Alice in Wonderland

Favorite TV Series

Star Wars: the clone wars, Dare Devil, Mad Men, Star Trek: Voyager, & Batman the Animated series

Favorite Books

Redwall, Lord of the Flies, War of the Worlds, Enders Game, the Martian, & Dresden's files.

Favorite Writers

H.G. Wells

Favorite Games

Skyrim, Fallout series, BioShock, & Uncharted series