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David Henley | Member Since 16 Jun, 2020
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Interests & Hobbies

Anything that I haven't tried that doesn't land me in trouble with the constabulary.

Favorite Movies

It would take too long to complete all this. I like anything with an engaging story, good characters, and a plot to sink my teeth into.

Favorite TV Series

Most of the pop-culture stuff out there.

Favorite Books

Got a library? I've probably read a lot of the science fiction, fantasy, horror, history and a few other subjects written in the last 120 years. I'm not well read but like to feed the brain ideas.

Favorite Writers

Most of the guys that inspired tabletop game designers, pop-culture creators, movie makers, and tv producers. Some aren't so well received now.

Favorite Games

Tabletop Rpgs first and foremost, Video games involving action/adventure, a few board games, chess, checkers.


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