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Karen Kingman

Member Since: 22 Feb, 2020


I am inspired by art, film, literature, and music. I have read books by authors like Michael Crichton, RA Salvatore, Neal Stephenson, Douglas Adams, JK Rowling, Bruce Sterling, Isaac Asimov, and many many more. I have seen probably over 1000 movies in my lifetime. I am constantly inspired by works of art from the classical ages, to the Renaissance, and everything else since. I especially love photography and canvas art. Musically, I listen to classical, punk, pop, rap, country, techno, swing, folk, oldies, rock, chiptune, retrowave, etc. IE everything.   But near and dear to my heart is everything fantasy and science-fiction.

Modern Realms

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Favorite Movies

Here's just a taste: Back to the Future trilogy, The Hunt for Red October, Star Trek 2 & 4 & 6, Die Hard (all 5), Rogue One, MCU, Safety Not Guaranteed, Galaxy Quest, The Iron Giant, Ready Player One, and many many more.

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