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About Me   I have been gaming since 1986, across a variety of systems, both as a player and a game master.   Hobbies: RPGs, L5R & Magic the Gathering, Gadgets, Comics       RPG FIRSTS First Game Master: Irving First System: Basic D&D or ODD First Character: Fighter First Character Death: Fighter within 5 minutes of starting the game!   RPG FAVORITES Favorite Race(s): Elf Favorite Class(s): Wizard & Psion Favorite Setting(s): Mystara & Darksun, Trinity for White Wolf Favorite System(s): D&D4e, Pathfinder, Story Teller Favorite Character: Questar & Devin Solas (both elves, hmmm) Favorite Character Name: Sadok Aglavane "Dark Rider on the Spirit Winds of Vengence"   MEDIA FAVORITES TV Shows: Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica Movies: Lord of the Rings, Pitch Black / Riddick Books: Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time, Dune Music:   A special thank you to Mark, Jamey, Ric, Darin, Jeff, Irving, Dwayne and Scott "the Hotshot". A thank you to Mr Parish and Mr Cotter, two of the wildest players and game masters to ever toss dice or tell stories.


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