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Kenzie Bishop | Member Since 27 Jul, 2021
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Kenzie Bishop is a caring youth worker & young new author. Most of her works fall into the Dystopian genre. In addition, Kenzie also enjoys writing Coming -of-Age works & other short stories. Growing up in a small town, reading books were one of Kenzie’s favorite ways to spend her time. As a result, she tended to thrive in writing-related subjects such as English and Literature. Young Adult, Coming-of-Age & Science Fiction became some of her favorite book & movie genres as a child & teen. For Kenzie, reading & writing quickly transitioned from fun to strictly academic during college. While her creativity was put on the back burner, she became drawn to various side hobbies; all of which required the rediscovery of that part of herself. During her break between Undergraduate & Graduate programs, she’s definitely rediscovered her passion as both a reader & writer. As a college student, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with minors in Criminology & Philosophy. Not only did studying these subjects give her some great insight within her genre, but is the fuel for her ideas. She feels there’s constantly something both relevant & interesting to write about related to these subjects.   Above all, Kenzie’s knowledge & passion for the world of psychology & philosophy along with her long-time adoration for YA and sci-fi/dystopian genres inspire & influence each & every one of her creative works.   ‘Masks & Matches‘ is both her first book and the first of upcoming series, ‘The Greater Good Societies‘. It is set to be published in early December of 2021.

Favorite Books

The Giver Delirium Anthem Panic

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Lauren Oliver Stephen King

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Stardew Valley Two Point Hospital The Sims Cities: Skylines


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