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Lilly Griffin

Lilly Griffin | Member Since 19 Apr, 2020
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Some say aliens might have snatched Lilly Griffin a time or two when she wasn't paying attention, and some days, depending on which day you ask, she claims she's a hybrid in disguise. Then, there are the days the Shifters of the world are chasing her through the mean streets of the many cities she's visited. There have even been days dragons swooped down carried said author off and 'devoured' her... wink... wink.   There may also come a time when life throws a curveball, and she must start all over at an academy where the learning curve is steep, and the dangers can be killer. Lilly Griffin has also confessed that mother nature is in a bad mood, and the world should hold on or be no more. You never know where this author's imagination will take you, so pull up to a cozy fire, couch, or in a tent and join her on her adventures.   Lilly Griffin lives in West Texas home of hot summers, crazy weather, and dust storms with her spouse of close to thirty years. She has two grown rug rats and two four-legged monsters of love who swamp her with puppy snuggles and kisses daily. Her love of Sci-Fi, fantasy, and all things paranormal enticed her into becoming a writer. Lilly also believes it was the many fantastical authors she's read over her lifetime that inspired her to put the stories in her head to paper.   When she isn't writing or working in the bean-counting profession, she loves to visit with family and friends, go for walks in the evening to observe what Mother Nature has offered up as a new visual experience, and read, read, read.   Lilly Griffin loves to interact with readers and authors and would love to hear from you. She can be found most often on her Facebook group page Lilly Griffin's Literary Antics and Escapades,, if you want to HAUNT or STALK her, click hereā€¦ She is looking forward to your visit, so don't be late.

Interests & Hobbies

writing, writing, writing....

Favorite Movies

Too many to list.

Favorite TV Series

Too busy writing but the one I'm currently watching is Rookie

Favorite Books

Oh gosh again sooo many but if push came to shove my current ones are: The Merchant Series by Wendie Nordgren, All of the Ann McCaffrey books, David Weber the Harrington on and so on into infinity.

Favorite Writers

lol answered above.

Favorite Games

Mystery games are a lot of fun.


Latest Loved work

The Protagonist