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Little Flower Productions

Valyson & Mia | Member Since 11 Jul, 2020
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In 2015, we met each other on a forum roleplaying site. Valyson, a very skilled writer and illustrator, posted a request thread seeking a partner to play the empress to her sadistic, tyrannical, emperor. The request thread ended, "...can you handle it...?" and I, a professional chef by trade, being the lover of a challenge that I am, replied, "Sure! Why not?!", having no idea that this roleplay; something my daughter suggested I try to help retain motor skills pre and post craniotomy; would change my life. From there, the concept for our book series, Ruler of The North, was conceived.   A Year later, we moved on to co-found The Inner Sanctum: A Writing And Role-Playing Community, where we offer space for writers of all styles and genres come together to create, critique, and play together through forum role-playing. The same year, Ruler Of The North was launched as a webtoon.   In 2017, wanting to build upon what we'd started and take Ruler of The North to the next level as an enterprise, we created Little Flower Productions, owned and operated by women of color.   We hope that you will enjoy our world. A world of tyrants and heroes. Chaos and Camaraderie. Lovers and fools. Dominance and submission.   Feel free to follow us and subscribe to watch the Ruler Of The North Series as it unfolds. Thanks for stopping by.   Sincerely, Mia & Val