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Lleij Schwartz | Member Since 5 Sep, 2020
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I'm an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL who escapes the mundanities of natural languages by creating my own. Gamemastering since 1985, I enjoy creating campaigns with a deep foundation of lore. I've found that a certain level of verisimiltude in a fictional game world helps to incentivize intelligent roleplay.

In my spare time, I am also working on creating a tabletop minatures game inspired by Japanese drifting anime (e.g. Inital D, Wagan Midnight, etc.) Ask me about it! :)

Favorite Games

Tabletop: AD&D 2nd Edition, Æon Continuum (Trinity, Aberrant, Adventure!), GURPS Computer: Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, Cities: Skylines, Project Hospital, Star Wars the Old Republic, City of Heroes, Civilization 4, Alpha Centauri

Latest Loved work

Soul Oath



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Tone & Setting Alignment