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Twaren Stormborn

Keon Croucher | Member Since 3 Feb, 2019
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I've started a wildly massive project that I'll likely never truly finish, but that's the beauty of world building and massive story crafting, especially when a writer who is a ttrpg and tabletop war-gaming enthusiast. Tariek as I've named the project, is my brain child and it will likely be updated, tweaked, consistently grown, and changed and lore will expand, until the day I die. But this is going to be my world. It will operate, for gaming, via a d10 and d100 system but the lore, theme, setting and stories should be translatable enough if one wishes to, as I intend to keep things as mechanics light as possible in that material. Simply insure you capture the feel right. In a pathfinder game, remember to make mages persecuted. If they arent educated by the state, they are heretics and apostates. Simply use the Abyss in place of the Void, tie magic to that, and its risks. If you wanna include that lovely chance of spell failing and bad times, have them roll a simple 1d20+ casting stat bonus and should they fail to roll higher than the spell level it fails, trigger miscast tables. A roll of a 1 on the d20 results in a major miscast. Point is, you have options, run with it.
Given this fact, please do not feel or assume I'd be offended if you wish to use, alter or borrow any ideas you see here for your own work or story-telling. I'd appreciate feedback both positive and constructive. I do only as if you use anything here, just lemme know how it goes, or how it inspired you, or if possible, let me see the fruits of your labor, as I enjoy taking part in the discourse and exchange of artistic material and ideas as much as anyone.
Of course it is a disorganized mess on here at the moment, but I am working on it I swear! Organization is not my strong suit, so bear with me I implore you. This likely will not be the final product as I will very likely split it up into two basic rule books, with some basic country only setting descriptions, but then each country will get its own detailed setting guide about the provinces, major settlements, labelled maps, atlas like material, etc. A simple bestiary will be provided in the TTRPG rules, whilst more climate based creatures will be added to their appropriate dominant biome (So arctic stuff will be detailed in Suranth for example)

Many Thanks, and blessings of Vosana's Light upon you.