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Marc Zipper | Member Since 2 Oct, 2018
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Hi, thanks for checking me out. Let me tell you guy little about me. I have been playing RPG from the age of seven. I ran my first game when I was around 22. I also am married she been playing RPG for just as long as I have. So one day she asks me what can we do with all characters and ideas we have. So I start to make a world to play in. later on I running us and our friends into this awesome world I building. About a year later I found World Anvil and start making the world more build and stable. Know I have several Idea and want write stories. This hard for me to write is not my strong suit. I have ADHD and Dyslexia. So it going to take me a lot of time to learn how to write better. So I am sorry if it is hard to read and thanks for the time to read this.

Favorite TV Series

I a big Anime Fan so I love most anime but my Favorite is FMA and FMA Brotherhood. So I watch all types of anime and cant get enough of it none anime Eureka or bones are two show I like rewatch

Favorite Games

Favorite video game is DMC and Megaman but loves all RPG and other types of game I played Favorite board game Betrayal on House on Haunted Hill love. I love playing board game Table Top favorite system between Pathfinder or Traveler but I don't care too much about the system. So long as story and world are fun to play in.