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Jaime Buckley

Member Since: 13 Mar, 2019


Hi! My name is Jaime Buckley and I'm a professional illustrator, author, and dad of 13 kids (those are children, not goats).   My personal dream for the last 30 years has been to provide heroes in a modern world where they're hard to find. An addictive fantasy realm for my kids, grandkids, and anyone who loves magic, mystery, and adventure to get lost in.    Wanted Hero started in 1990, grew into comic books, launched online in 2005, became YA novels in 2011, and now we're here on WorldAnvil, building WantedHeroWorld.com.   My first book, PRELUDE TO A HERO, has had a top 20 spot on Amazon for over three years and there are already seven books in the main series.    

  • Jaime Buckley
  • Interests & Hobbies

    Worldbuilding, Writing, Playing Boardgames, hanging out with my kids, dates with my wife, podcasting....AND earning as many badges as Ademal has .

    Favorite Movies

    The Greatest Showman, The Last Samurai, LOTR, The Hobbit,

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    (NOT the Jonny Depp crap, the original)

    Favorite TV Series

    Castle, Blacklist, As Time Goes By.

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