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Nicholas Lawson | Member Since 5 Oct, 2020
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Hello everyone, awsmlwsn here (just say A.W. to save you the time to pronounce. Trust me) and i am the owner of AW RPT or the awsmlwsn Role Playing Table (you rolled a natural 20 so you can not laugh)   I am a Dark Fantasy fiction writer, a veteran Dungeon Master, and a loving gamer :D   I am also a world creator. I have enjoyed my fantasy world I created for my players but now I want to share the love of my hobby with my readers and hopefully future fans. I love to write and to surprise the people I write for. But I want my passion and hobby to be pursued. In the end I want to write entertaining manuscripts and lead fun games in a world I have created.   I hope you like my stories. I plan to continue my passion as I love it. Oh...STAY AWSM

Interests & Hobbies

Working out, writing, hanging with friends. A fun all around dude.

Favorite Books


Favorite Writers

Graham McNeil, Dan Abnett, Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Favorite Games

To The Moon is my all time favorite game


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