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Hello, Readers!   Welcome! I am ecstatic that you have taken the time from your day to venture out into the world of the internet and land in mine. Below is a little bit about me, so that you can know who I am and where the birthplace of my story comes from.   Me being a complete-geek-turned-writer (and still complete geek) was destiny from the start. At a young age, about 7 or 8, I was bewitched with the histories of Ancient Egypt, where I then became obsessed with learning about mummies and hieroglyphs. These world histories later led to my fascination of how these societies even functioned so long ago, thus leading into my learning of various law systems, religions, and so on. When I was 6 or 7, I watched Star Wars: Phantom Menace in theaters. I had no clue that something so wonderful even existed; it was a whole new world! At 9, I was entranced with the lore and history of Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings. One of the main things that I took with me from all of these stories was a love for languages.   I have been working on this project since 2008. It all began with a simple writing prompt in my English class sophomore year which, with positive feedback from the teacher, evolved into an amazing story. The past twelve years have been filled with world, story, and character building and my prized factor of this world: the languages, which are 100% able to be learned and spoken by all. In the coming months, more and more will be able to be viewed.   The best chance at having this opportunity is by joining my Patreon, where you can choose just how much you want to see. There, you can select from either Commonwealth, Aristocrat, or Bureaucrat subscriptions to obtain minimal, moderate, or deluxe access to my world where signed books, personal phone calls and video chats, and more are available. Just click on the Patreon icon by my picture and you can get started in no time. See you there!


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