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Pardon, I’m still learning to go around World anvil, anyways...   Good whatever time of the day guys, my name is Dlannoders or you guys can call me ducky or anything.   English is my second language. Maybe third because I speak Tagalog and my parent’s native language, Ilocano.   Feel free to correct my typos and grammar. Thank you in advance.   So a little about myself. I world building since I was in first grader or maybe even before that. My best friend and I used to buy leaf-notebooks and fill it with drawing of maps or some characters. I didn’t knew that D&D or other tabletop games exist back then until I moved to USA.   If you guys have any questions, suggestions or anything to say, feel free. I might take long to reply but I read your message.

Favorite Writers

Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite Games

I have of bunch of favorite games, Pokèmon will always in my heart because I used to play it when I was three or four. Ragnarok Online plays a good role in my world building. Other than that, I love simulation games like the Sims series and strategic games like Red Alert or Generals.