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Jan Kaltenecker | Member Since 17 Sep, 2019
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WASC21 Worldbuilding Pledge Document

Release of Drusseodia

He/him is a dwarven like creature converting coffein into worlds.

Creates comedic, trope heavy and sometimes dramatic Stories for friendly people of all Sizes, Colors and Shapes.

Be Excellent to Each Other
— Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

I tell humorously serious stories.

I see clichés and tropes as something that connects people and worlds. My narratives are '90s brutal like action movies and trash TV series of the same era. Every fatal hit results in fountains of blood and chopped of heads which will hit innocent bystanders for comic relieve.

Religion, Sexuality, Gender and Gender Identity, Relations I usually keep private to the respective characters as we tend to do in our lifes. There are other things in my worlds to explore.

My stories are usually amusing and merry but not always does it need to be happy things we enjoy.

Please visit Island-Inquest and enjoy a trip to a tiny magical island escaping its high fantasy/magic mold!

Favorite Writers

Sir Terry Pratchett (Discworld)Dennis E. Taylor (Bobiverse) Martha Wells (Murderbot Diaries), Craig Alonson (Expeditionary Force) und Barry J. Hutchinson (Space Team)

Latest Loved work

Garde de Glinda

The Fade

Draknel Venom