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Lengna | Member Since 5 Feb, 2018
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I have a dissociative disorder and mild amnesia. So if I'm 'acting strange', forget you, forget something we talked about, or generally seem spacey, that's why. I'll remember eventually(hopefully), so please be patent with me.   Hero's users: if I comment on your post as a character and you'd rather keep it in world, let me know and link me to the post, and I'll delete it right away.

Interests & Hobbies

World building, Research, Organizing, 3D printing, VR, Strategy RPGs, Games with airplane/spaceship dog fights, Art, Stories. Space, Biology, and Technology. To name a few ;p

Favorite Movies

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, Labyrinth, Mirror Mask, Snatch

Favorite Games

Star fox, Disgaea (the whole series, phantom brave is good too, any NIS strategy rpg really), Solitaire, Anything with fun dogfight mechanics or space travel, Minecraft

Latest Loved work

Cake Go Boom!

ACF Headquarters

Wandering Bellsong


The Little Rebellious Teacup


Drastic Reformers

Wolen: The Wagon of Olen