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Amy Winters-Voss | Member Since 25 Jun, 2019
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Rise Book Release Party Invite



Amy is a former programmer on the Landsat 7 team and currently a SAHM. ISFP   Stories are like air - we can not do without them.   She loves Japan, foxes, music (everything from movie scores, to EDM, to folk metal), teaches nalbinding (an ancient yarn craft - think Viking age and older), and both tea and coffee.   She is editing her first novel (a modern mythological fantasy set in Japan), writing another book, and she finds there are way too many ideas to be able to put each on paper.     Editing: Rise (modern mythology/fantasy) Writing: title TBD (modern mythology/fantasy) Untold Podcast UPC Contest Entry: Arrival won 4th place and the privilege to have the story recorded. (sci-fi story, flash fiction podcast)   Feel free to

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Shy Red Fox - Streaming!

Broadcasting Info
Shy Red Fox broadcasts several times a week. Though, she will occasionally do a surprise stream.

ShyRedFox on Twitch
Topics February 2021
Mon 1-2 PM CT (7-8 PM GMT)
WRITE IN- where I work on articles or manuscripts.
Wed 1-2 PM CT (7-8 PM GMT)
WRITE IN- where I work on articles or manuscripts. This may be on different platforms (Fox's Discord, Youtube, etc.). The platform will be listed in the event with a link.
Fri 2-3 PM CT (8-9 PM GMT):: Factoid Friday (2nd and 4th Friday of the month)
World Anvil or fiber arts tutorial + Ferret tax!
Sat 9:30-10:30 am CDT
Craft and chat. Bring a craft (if you like), grab a drink and have a relaxing, low key chat with the group. (No craft and chat on the 3rd Saturday of the month. That is the WA Inner Sanctum Coffee and Sage Workshop time.)
  If you can't catch my stream, be sure to catch other member streams!   If there's a topic you'd like covered DM me on discord or shoot me an email amywintersvoss(at)
textile arts, writing, worldbuilding
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Interests & Hobbies

learning Japanese, walking, fiber arts of all kinds (especially nalbinding and dyeing)

Favorite Writers

Terry Pratchett, Dennis Taylor, Gail Carriger, Jack Campbell, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Susan Spann, Nathan Lowell, Glynn Stewart, Larissa Brown, David Eddings, Judson Roberts, Ann Aguirre

Favorite Games

Gimme the Brain, Fluxx, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Starfarers of Catan, D&D (though it's been ages since I played)

Latest Loved work

Mind-Shadowed Lotus

Tracery dust

Geode Coral