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Alex | Member Since 21 Jan, 2018
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Interests & Hobbies

Hobby interests: worldbuilding, conlanging, linguistics, magic systems, JRPGs, ancient and medieval history, strength sports (powerlifting & olympic weightlifting), programming   Academic interests: robotics (SLAM, swarm robotics, human-robotic interfaces), control theory, machine learning & AI, digital design (geared towards VLSI), linear & nonlinear systems, set theory, STEM education, and lots more.

Favorite Movies

LOTR, Ex Machina, John Wick, Serenity

Favorite TV Series

A:TLA, GoT, Altered Carbon, Continuum, Travelers, Spartacus, Heroes, Breaking Bad, Firefly

Favorite Writers

Micheal Crichton, Robin Cook, GRRM

Favorite Games

Fire Emblem, Dragon's Dogma, Halo (1-3, Reach), Pokemon (gen I-IV, XY, ORAS), Bravely Default