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Terion Chemare | Member Since 11 Aug, 2019
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In a nutshell, I'm a brown-eyed, brunette Southern girl with a love of anime, gaming, giant robots, books, snark, and things that taste of strawberries. Also a writer and would-be published author of vampires, werewolves, cat people, giant wolves, spaceships, mecha, and anything else that'll fit in a book.   I've been on a computer since I was probably six or seven (MSDOS, baby, oh yeah) and on the internet since about 1994. Since being introduced to the madness that the web has become, I've run my own website (in various incarnations) as well as an RP board (also in several incarnations) since around 2000. I've been known as Peregrine Falcon (or Perigryn Falkyn as is my now preferred spelling) and Curbius Lakrofin amongst what used to be a big adoptables crowd, Saerry Snape to the denizens of the Pit of Voles (aka, and Terion has been my general use-name for the past few years.   When I'm not writing or working, you can generally find me surfing the internet looking for mad things.


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