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Member Since: 27 Sep, 2018

I'm a bibliophile and lover of all things cat related. Like most 'nerds' my social life is lacking and I spend most of my time either working backstage, playing my clarinet, writing, or curling up with a goodbook whilst drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Like most cat lovers I fawn over kitty pictures and come up with dumb names (ex: Lawrence of Purrabia and Pawscar Wilde).   In my spare time I DM a campaign for my friends, practice my clarinet and question my life choices. I may have a passion for writing, but I would love to become a Music Major when the time comes.

The Crestfall Pact

• 2 Campaigns • 14 Characters •

Interests & Hobbies

Gaming, writing and reading; while working backstage and taking excessive photos of my cats...

Favorite Movies

V for Vendetta, Hot Fuzz, Moonrise Kingdom and Ex Machina.

Favorite TV Series

Penny Dreadful, Peaky Blinders, Good Omens and Disenchantment

Favorite Books

Far too many to name... far too many...

Favorite Games

Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Oblivion, Tomb Raider (2013), Dishonored 2, Fallout New Vegas and Bloodborne

Badges & Awards