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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a lush and fertile location in your world.
A total of 551 entries

The Fields of Amaliece

The Midlands of the Kingdom of Men

The Glorious Valley

The Great Grand Reef of Bonecaster

The Ashmouth Forest

The Valley of Grimalden

The Land of Opil

The Fruit Garden of the Empress

Voniara Conservatory and Nursery

The Jungle of the Southern Watchtower

Miwold - The City of Gardens

Fayr Mountain Range

Everchanging Hollows

Gaialands of Callisto

Goblin Swamplands

Ketrella Mountainside

The Glades of Lossai

Bois d'Émeraude

The Garden of the Moon

The Hills of Fragmir

The Valeran Archipelago

Jungles of Flesh and Blood

The Fields of Eldia

Gardens of Rejuvenation

Alwold (The World of Dreams and Fears)

Mercury falls of the Starlit Shelflands

Valleys of 1000 Hills

Firefly Fields

Paradise World of Avis Nin

Deerthorn Forest

The Verdant Strand

Western Coffee Swamp

Ferbrands Archipelago

The Tunnel between worlds

The Chentrie Darkwood

Ignelia (Kontinent)

Depressão de Mistmarsh

The Island of Dreams

Losgardian Lowlands

The Evergreen (SC'19)

The Lush Meadows of the Eastern Reach

The Vale of Arabour

The Wardens Garden

The Red Forest; A Gnomish Enchantment

The Kybia Forest

Northen coast of Arfesko

Kodakar Sky Islands

Le Jardin de l'Impératrice

The Everlife Grove

District 15: The Greenlands

Lauverchane Coast

The Osbernt Expanse

The Grasslands, A Bastion of Hope

Nonogawa River Valley

An Explorers Tale: The Forest of Úlfurnus Silvermaw

Land of flowers and really big pillars

The Leyline of Growth

St Camrynne's Forest

The Forest of 1000 Stars

Jeweled Parrots Rain Forest

The Green Strangle Forest

Cavern of Tranquility

The Infinite Forest

Retrougo: The Live East

Vale of Stolen Time

The Linshire Riverlands

Don't enter the woods

Alterum, the spirit realm.

The orchard of fruit

The Fey Jungle Islands

The Great Outback Recreation

The Great Plains of Borsca

Jade Forest Nature Reserve

Sadrak Hydroplants

The Rings of Jhoutai

The Garden of mount Klan

The Under-garden of the Obsolblist Desert

The Calor House Grove

The Ruins of Skatan

The Forest of Spirits

Caltria, Jungle of the South

Valley of a King Among Kings

The Lava Plains of Lavena

Die Gärten der Feen

Israks skog (Marlun Skogen)

The Volcanic Domes

The Unholy Kingdom of the Marked

The Tribusican Plains

Forest of Damphere

The Plain of An'Javar

The Garden of Devorn

The palace orchard

The Heart Garden

The Teeming Sea

Iuban Wildlife Preserve

The Stripped Islands

The Whole of the World

The Weald of Whispers

Summersill Gardens

The Meadow of New Beginnings

The Golshire Plains

Mist-Cloaked Vale

The Garden of Eden

Dreifluss Plateau

The Llanfech Forest

The Sweetwater Valley

The garden of Millania Emeriith - WIP

The Whispering Wood

Valley of the thousand Lilies

The Azure Islands

Ragnar the Peacefull’s Cove

Letter from the Myriad Islands

Ashoan Preserves

The Scandinavian Kingdoms

The Vindexian Shoreline

The Four Isles- Lek'Vesteron's paradise Islands

Die goldenen Felder von Valon

Food Forests of Thelereth

O Reino de Averredo

The Northern Oasis

The Draíochtenglade

The Royal Farmlands of Sumner

Continent of Feihon

The Artisan's Retreat

Barrier Reef System of Atlantis

The Shell Archipelago

Flaxen Fields of Senmir

Yarlmouth Valley

The Lush and Fertile Rainforests

Ga'lu - Geological Territory 8

The Flats of Caerum

Southern Trese Forest

The Sharesess Respite

The Swamp of Life. Located in the lower regions of Eshan.

Arni-Faelin / Fera / The Minotaur's Forest

The Canyon of Khepri

La Genêts' Labyrinth

The Emerald Spires

Gran Bosque de Magda

The Vale of The Golden Mist

The Realm of Elene, the bringer of Faeln

Troll Mountain Wilds

Ferilian Forest

Thousand River Lowlands

Miyanouchi Archipelago

Great Flower-Fruit Mountain

The Steppes of Val

The Aillaisian Marshlands

The Fortress-Garden of Dhanû

Garrán an Muisiriún

The Place where Life Springs from the Ground

Cinderwood Plateau

The Silent Bowers

The Forgotten Forest

Smuggler's Valley

The Malagena river

The Fertile Quarter