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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions.
A total of 300 entries

Griffonin Blood-bonded

Prasinos and Polema

The Roaming Goliaths of Breill

Rhugavian sahuagin

Varnilutaji Norwei Clans

The Wandering Shadows

The southwest Orcs

Legions' traditions

Carmerian's of Surfarem

The Conquerors of Ash

The Southern Dragonborn

The Akemenos-Ekemon Moieties

The Order of The Chaos Scar

Blackscale Drakonids

Warlords of Mazvinga

The Dar'Maraak / The Dark Forces

Polyhedral Gnomes

Tribes & Clans of Cor Danath

Crab Guerilla Warfare

the Dallero river tribes

Report on the Conservation efforts for the Quirrilo peoples

Witches of America

People of the Minus Years

Tribes of the six kings

Kriptrani (culture)

Drows de Starburn

Pirates of the storm coast

Warrior Tribes of Terrivar Plains

The Dragons of Auster

The birds who carry on the war

The Bear Tribes/Clans of The Northern Wastes

Manduskian Whitemen, Frightful Roamers

Human Tribes of Vindenfel (Ethnicity)

The Northern Clans

Lafliuton war tradition

(unnamed) culture

Pihnemt (blue people)

Sand Claws of the Ocean Cliffs

Wasteland Raiders

The Wildmen of the Northern Teeth

T'kakou: The Technomads

The Tribe of Faust (ie. Faustite)


Quetzcal Lizardfolk

Sea Predators (StoneShell Clan)

Human - Fortali Enclave

Syndicate Connoisseurs

South Dellians - WIP

Garago Village Karabass


The People of Vulborim

The Eyrie Circle

Pirates of the Sapphire Sea

The Free Land Hunters.

The Grand Symphony

Abristani: Pure and Proud