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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the tales in your world designed to make naughty children behave.
A total of 275 entries

The Lady of Whispers

Tales in Ethereal to make Children Behave

Call of the Void

Beware the box of Barglefest! - A terrifying tale for greedy children...

Zabith the Child Stealer

The Tale of the Winter Moon

The baleful Basilisk

The Dead City of Hatala

Tsatya, Sword of Justice

Creatures of the Undrelm

Entemardatoi (genre)

The Little Stargazer

The Tale of Ketev Merirrii

The Half-Breed Child

Tale of the drowned Skies

The Disappearance of Isumma

The Wondering Child

Tales of the Troianite

Witherwitches as a mythological figure

"The Blemmyae in the forest"

The Birth of The Tarrasque

Lost stories from a childhood in Winterwood.

The Vengeance of Biandreth

Scary stories for Naught kids

Star Demon, Star Spawn, Golden Death

The Threat of an Elder Troll

The evil winged human.

Khristark the Cackler

Spirit-Snatchers of Sarala

The Wolves of the Whites

King Heorsa and the Cattle of Whittlebury

The Dark One (SC'19)

Tentacles of the deep

Look out for the Illerian!

IronShadow bedtime stories

The Knights of Slaughter

Synopsis of the Tales of Terror from across the land

The Beast of the Old Year

A Sombra da Floresta

A Tale of Falling Feathers

The Great Fire of Ayun-Ausralia

The Lady of the Lost

A River's Revenge

The smoking crow

The Breathstealers

Night of no Moons

The Bed Bugs Will Bite!

Ebony the Thief Silencer

The boy and the riffin

Les contes de Vaer

Little Clementine

Tales to make children fear

Optimo - The Protector of the Datastream

The Little Girl that would not listen

The spirit and the explorer

The Wood Witches

Childhunter Fallen

Stories of the Five Beasts

The tale of Merril the Murderer

The Tale of the Dream Fox

Le banni de la nuit

Basil the Goldfish (Legend)

The Legend of Salabiel's Son

The Adventurer and the Boar

The Hag of the Omyhx Thicket

A Devil for Those That Misbehave

Sarephs: The Land Dolphins

The Horrible Hags

The White Snapper

The Devil that Haunts the Train Tracks

How the Races were born

Creatures of the Dark

The Fox with no Den

[i]Twilight, The Final Threshold[/i]

The Wanderer of the Kalfen Woods

What the hell have you done to Santa!?

Gleeful Jack, Stealer of Snacks

The Golden Dragon, Methuselah

Tale of the Laughing Horse

Kalina the Evil Storm Witch

The Giant Koombah - A Bedtime Tale

T'kroh Aukou T'krai: Why There Are No More Aukou

Tales: Vonir's Wrath

Beware the Anklebiters!

The Boogeyman, as he is depicted around the world

Haunts of the Slitherskins

Down Where The Golden Dwell

"Smiling Granny"

Tales of the Ghostwood

The Seal of Oílean Torc

Silver Fairy Tales

The Lazybum's Biscuit Collar

The Ghost of Faust!

Seul & the Ancestor's Wrath

Children's Tale: The Great Owl

Beware the Lady of the Reach

The Handmaidens of Queen Victallia

Nursery Rhyme of Auntie Ida

The Salka's Feast

The Laughing Boy

Beware the Jackalwere

Wraiths (Primrose Myth)

That Fated Dirge

Black Daggers, dragons, and the fires of Ahlor

The Bone Collector

The Friendly Stranger

The Moryn Chronicles

Old Agatha's Curse

The Myth of the Blisrene

The Mists of the Duskwood

Aogo and the bats

The Man With Many Hands

There Roams the Pumpkin King

The Hoblin and the Little Boy

The Tale of Little Aelo

A'maxa: Skinners among Formwalkers

The Story of the Poor Widow

The Rattler's Tail

The Miserable Legion

Myths of the Augurweald, and the Tale of Old Ironclaw and Granny Barktongue

Seltemver the Wicked

The Original Angels and The Shadow Creatures

Quenyah Heart Taker

Sarrtan The Slave Miner

The Tale of the Wayking

Red Velvet - Prime Blade of the Pirate Oracles

Fable of Mosquito and Cow

Myth of the Crocodile People

Killer Joe: A Nursery Rhyme

The story of the sick world

The boy who taught ravens to laugh

Creation of the Universe