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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a physical condition associated with old age in your world.
A total of 233 entries

Effects of Repeated Spellcasting on Aging

Horn petrification

Sernoreth's Repose


Self Crystalization

The Baalu, Rejuvenation and Juve Syndrome

The Visions of Lazaru

Power-related Ataxia

The Forverret Regression

Rockbone Paralysis

Acquired Elemental Magic

When the Well Runs Dry

Quantum Enlichment

Trolloid Geriatric Petrification

Half-Life Syndrome

Fragile Bones Disease

L'infusion de magie

The limits of Cetrobur

Leskir-Rixnájo Paralysis

Wizardly Dementia

Martian Arthritis

Tâches de vieillesse

Murky River Fever

Vera, the oldest paladin

Dwarven Stone Death

Síndrome Voliana

Sannsarth (Rocksblood)

Cybernetic Bleed

Earth's Calling

Spike-Accelerated Parkinsons Disease

Sublimation of the Soul

The Walk of the falling Pillars

Der flüchtige Verfall

Tiger Eye, a malaise of the older desert dwellers

Wyikroi: Six-Sight/Star-Sight

The Ellavarian Elder

*Articular Necrosis

Mental Fragmentation

Regeneration Sickness

Degenerative Limb Disease

Progresivní rejekce

A Nymph's Return to Nature

Elven longevity crisis