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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a mental illness in your world and how people respond to this.
A total of 259 entries

Miscatagorization Disorder

Thaumaturgic Psycopathy Syndrome

Shovani Dreaming Sickness

Angelic Insanity

Self-induced hypnosis

Oracles Obsessive Disorder

Influence of the corrupted God

War and the effect on the mind. By Magus Akeem Sold

Flüsternder Wahnsinn

Magical Imposter Delusion

Post-Combustion Stress Disorder

Phobia Hallucinations

Midnight's Madness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Jester's Touch

Mental Illness in Ethilia

That Zombie Ant Fungus

Heroic Shock Syndrome

The Call of the Crypt

Deskallik Nucrettia Disorder (DND)

Una Cabeza Lleva de Sombra

Loss of Magic in Dragons

Creeping Mindlessness

The Vignette Effect

L'invasion de kikidous

Arcane Delirium

Doppelganger Syndrome

Idea's Wistfulness

Arcanic Dis-resonance

Essentia Starvation

Clinical Homesickness

The Unliving State

Nécrose cérébrale

Cacophony Madness

Were Deterioration Disorder

Bio-Hypo Addiction

Varsdeth (Voices of Doom)

Tràyalià's Sleep

Insomnia and other sleeping disorders

The Madness of the Gods

Flight Obsessive Disorder

Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation

Bathomania (Lamo's Disorder)

False Tongue Syndrome

Allergy of written letters

Teleporter’s Eyes

Hysteria Epidemy

Krokroi: Vision of the Giants

Disconnective Neurological Disorder

Knowledge from Beyond

The Dissolving Self

Cognitiones Pigmentosa

Song Induced Hysterical Disorder

Mentascene Chaos Syndrome

Anhedonia (Insanity)

Post-Control Suppressive Syndrome

Insanity: Umbra Malady

ISA (Incidente de Sobreuso Arcano)

Ancestral Trauma

Resurrection Psycopathy

Offsight Disorder

Brigedda's Touch

The Great Loneliness

Akashic Bedlam

Psychogenic Dejection