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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the history surrounding a unique artefact or work of art in your world.
A total of 260 entries

The Pentarch's Palace Spell

The Deceiver's Blade

Locket of Lucas Jaime

Couronne de l'empereur des cieux

An El'tessa and the Feathers of An'ki

The Original Lenmarede

The Great Statue of Orange Island

The Mirror of Reuna

The Locket of Protection

The Endless Mosaic

Eastern Dawn Fountain

Caledraí, Noblesse Oblige

The Amulet of Astrona Emberwild

Spire, Tempest's Heirloom (Relic)

The Clock of Seasons

Amulet of Pau'rel

The Blade of Khaarte

The Metallurgist's Manual

Staff of the Protector

Wymir's giant slayer

Sword of Arawynn

Greater Necrotic Bloodstone

The Boots of Fasa

The Prototype Gate-Drive

The Tome of Prospects

Helm of Containment

Nadjam Zhaqit - the Fallen Star

Halivaaran Bird Statue

Imperial State Crown

Legendary Sword Above All Legends

The Heart of the Fallen

The Tapestry of Millicifian

Sword of Dancing Light

The Heart of the Hive

The Ring of Coloured Senses

Queen Iscora's Chestplate

“Gift of the Crystal passions.”

Portrait of Eorlinas Gwen, first duke of Mirdrinda

The Eclipse Window

Philosophy and The Journey To Virtuous Practice

The making of the Alicorn Amulet

The World Anvil Archive Database

The Eight Arms of Devishtari

Daggers of Maude

The Spear of the Legion

Karakarik Drengi'adrakk

The Gallery of Silence

Peterson-McCormick Memorial Arch

L'épée de verracier d'Aisheena

Art: The Five Mages

Six Rings of Blerda

The Peace of the Grave

The Shard of the Abyss

The Sword of Helitharel

All the colours of the world

Painting of the Elemental Magnates.

"The face of Koah"

The Emperor's Dagger

La Statue du Fondateur

The frescoes of Kalengad

Binding Hammer and Ancient Spikes

The Stonen Knights of Anullia

The Saga of the First Grove

The "Kneel On Your Sword" Mural

The Eye of Control

The Imperial Diadem

The Liberation of Man

The First Flywheel

The Painting of the Dragon's Cities

The Book of Calahan

The Bloodied King Painting

The Deck of Altered Fates

Wall of Exalted Glories

The Silver Tree (Al-Shajarat Fidiya)

The Scroll of the Manipulative Arts

The Last Stone of Valentina Vincent

The Ichorbound Greatsword

The Bluestone Waymarkers

Sun Splitter Mask

The Split Scale Glave

Newsteel Strat Blade

Saint Dongual at Ayres

Xerisp, The Spear Of Mhirriah

The Golden Centaur of Giit

Statue of the Lord Commander

The Haunted Portrait of Amelia Morris Carter

The Sword of Lan Sirnen

Lelais, Kriegerklinge des Mondes

The necklace of Chian

The Horn of Elistra

The Cursed Composition of Yxteul

The Monarch Crown

The Akaash Tapestry

The Sword of Three Moons

Lady of Mercy (Picture)

The Everending Scorch

Tou Te Rai Wyiaiyi: The Star Wanderer

Gheoskaer, Blade of Ysrai

The Journals of Vaernas of the Valley

The little horse OF DEATH!

Sword of Ken'delat

The Divine Lavaliere

The Great Map of Vertinall

Burim Lays the Cornerstone

The Devil's fart and The child who fell from the sky.

The Spear of Crosslinks

The Mail Bikini of the Failed Heroine - WIP

Linaster Ceremonial Armour

Portrait of Blue Clymene

The Spear of Kineva

Soul Observer of Beyforth

Chime of the Living

Aldarion unites the clans

Band of the Condemned

Portrait of a Young Sailor

Breaking the Chains

Xalnan High Crown (a.k.a. the Broken Crown)

Abran Triumphant

Staff of Discorporation

Dunnal the Hidden Blade

12 prophetic runes

The Falling Feathers

The Black Club of Kahal

The Ascension of St. Hideo

Alchemical Brain of Brozak

Book of Reflections or Ravings of a Madman?

Warhammer of the Last Frontier

"The Fated Trio Entwined"

The Veil of Blinding

Forge Hammer of Solus Prime