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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a major technological breakthrough and the impact it had in your world.
A total of 262 entries

The Creation of The Warforged

Contained Calibrated Atmospherical Nearly-Non-Magical Sub-Aquatic Transport and Conveyance Device

The creation of teleportation

The Ocean World of Vrae

Gennadrowe's Gearwheel

Aether Transference

Gnomish Metal Casting

Managlou-Dube Printing Press

Moving the Water - Irrigation and Farming

Harmonic Voidcrystal Activation

Megaloth Automatic Loom

Volcanic Printing Press

Steelworks Prosthesis

The Development of Hollow Mining in The Wraith Globe

Magically Enhanced Food

Longitudinal Fission

Controlled Attraction

Tanegashima (Matchlock Gun)

The Oracular Arts

Creation of Concrete

Archano-Tech Revolution

Multiplicator Foci

Healixir Blending

Clocks, gnomish invention

Floating Crystals

Daffodil amulets

Alchemical Fusion

The Magic Language Box

Artificial Storage Capacity for Magic

Trans-Communication Implants (TCIs)

Catalytic Electric Generation

The Jade Fly's Energies

Reality Stability Indicator

Medicine has changed the world

Iohxin Threading Loom

The Ancient Elevator

Void Powered Centrifugal Generator (VPCG)

Bark-Yarn Spinning

The art of non-Elemental Magic

Magic Nullifcation Cage

Stabilisation Gyro

The Magnetrine Effect

Laputa Suspension Engine

Mystical Mechanics: Bolt Multiplier Engine

The Aspectral Weave

Teleportation Network

Morknar counseling

Magical Gaseous Catalyst

Pritvy Energy Cell

Elemental Conduits

Dominion Shrikes (Mechanized Spirit)

Star Ferry Spike Drive

Reaping (Artificial Manacite Creation)

Ferrum Fracto (Frecs)

The Industrialisation of Magic

Magiation (Magical Radiation)

Circumspace travel

Star synchronisation system

Refining Eneleizion

W'toyar Ouwerai: The Three Variants of Portals

Fae Wavelength Motion Engine

The Provector Pistols

Alchemist's Powder

Paxton Pattern Flintlock Musket

Clairvoyant Stylography

Cybernetics in the Roman Empire

Fluid Computing

Memory Conservation

Artificially Intelligent machines

Runed Prosthetics

*Event Memory Sphere

Particle Manipulaton Technology

Sunspark Automative Construction

Ludological Education

Meissner Antigravity

Sky-Shatter Runes

Stellospheric Core

The Automated Democracy Clockwork

Harmonic Core System

Groundwater Pump and Water Tower

Píosa Cabhlach Construction

Crystal Projectile

Ligação Elemental

Volant Technology

The Singing Crystals