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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the properties of a material which is used for clothing in your world.
A total of 255 entries

Lace of Bone Feathers

Shova Water Beetle Shell

Clothing Materials Ethilia

The Commodity of Dragon Scale Fabric

Bad Mountains' namesake, Humanhide

Le chanvre de pierre

Illerian Vine Fibres

Llama and Alpaca Wool - the softest fabric

Harakeke Flax fibre

Straw Dung Cloth, the reality of poverty in Capital

Bolofwitz substance

Laughing Wolf Hide

Dragon Scales (SC'19)

Vogrhian Yak Leather

Elven Spidersilk; A closely guarded secret

Conductance polymer (LJT-CP)

The Silk of the East

Burust and Elmil Furs

Orcish Bog Leather

Kelwuw: Drizzle Dress

Còta Famhair Geal

Gremorian Shriekhide

Electronic Nanoweave

Leaf Fabric and Sapped Flowers

Barkweave Softclothes

Soie d'algues vertes

Modern Post-War fashion and Doppleganger Silk

Prismatic Cotton

"Are you feeling cold? Try my coat, it's heerus down"

*Colour-Changing Silk

Armoured Moss Fabric