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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about the history of a settlement that was almost entirely wiped out and was then rebuilt.
A total of 314 entries

Southern California Pack Alpine Development

The Lost Ithen'drel of Menor'cress

Yae'Tore, the Library in the South

Dentrissa, the Twisted City

Uemajio, le chateau Shissari

Súiltine- The Holy City Bathed in Fire

the town that was lost that is now rebuilt

Spaghetti about the People of Iron

The Elven Village of Thil Noris

Timeston (Pre-Earth Corruption)

Saastings, the Frontier City of Adventurers

Pheonix Outpost, a Town Liberated

The razing and rebuilding of Rhyd

Acrona: The City Reborn [WASC2020]

The Birth of a Slave Settlement

Feyll, The Rebirth of The First City

Lochfort: Darkest Days (SC'20)

Amarantua - The unluckiest city