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Ongoing 1531 Words


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Nox laid on the flat rooftop, just above the room from Leonidas and one of Raven's sisters. He had not heard her name, what he did hear, he wished he hadn't. The moaning and groaning of the pair, was unbearable. But he couldn't move, in the fear that they would hear him. Al that seemed unlikely. Luckily this building was much bigger than the others. So he wouldn't be spotted by someone from the neighboring buildings. He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, his thoughts run off to the girl of the rose garden. He didn't know why, but he wanted to see her again. Maybe that would happen if he was free. It was already four years, and it would take another four years until he was truly free to walk in bright daylight, without his mask on. He longed for that day. He sighed, the moaning had stopped and a soft but faint snoring came through the open window. It was time to pick himself up and to came from this roof. He got up and shuffled towards the edge, and with the help of a piece of rope toggled his way towards the street. 


The allies between the houses were very narrow, and it was no wonder it was avoided by a smart city guard. A not so smart one would be caught by a woman of the night, or a dealer that dealt in toxic liquors and herbs. Or even by somebody who has nothing left to lose, pretty much like him. But he wouldn't kill a city guard. He kept on walking, the wall around this Nameless Godforsaken town needed to somewhere, he had no time to consider this.

"I want Raven dead." That were Raven's sister's words and if he knew Leonidas, he would go through with this. Nox needed to find a way to prevent this. He did only not know how, maybe he needed to follow Leonidas. Or maybe Raven, she was the target and needed the protection. If she wants it or not. Finally, the wall and the gate out of the city came into view. 

"Who goes there."

"Dammit." Nox cursed himself for being careless, so close to the gate. He had known that the city guard would be there, even in the small allies. He dived into a corner, that hid him from view. Nox took off his mask and looked around. All he was able to find was a cap and a bottle of whiskey.  He grabbed it from the street and put the cap on his head, he opened the bottle and was immediately met by the stench of the liquor. He didn't even like alcohol that much, but he threw some liquor over his shirt. And even took a sip, so that his breath would smell. 

"Who goes there?" the same question, this time closer, it wouldn't surprise him that the guard was just around the corner. Nox took a deep breath and walked with the bottle in his hand around the corner. The city guard was indeed just around the corner. "I am asking you this one more time, who goes there?" Nox sways over the street, like a drunken idiot. He raised his bottle to the guard. 

"Go,  good evening. Officer." He stammered his words a little and walked towards the poor man. "Don't mind me, just walking home after a good party and a bottle of..." He tried to look at the label that was on the bottle. "You know what, I have no idea." He grinned and started chuffing. The city guard took a few steps back. 

"Where is your house, sir?" Nox pointed towards the wall.

"Outside the wall, officer, or so I believe." The city guard nodded slightly, he looked towards the wall. Nox knew that he needed to keep this act up until he was outside the city and far from this guard.  

"Well, don't let me stop you. Sir. And maybe wait with finishing that bottle until you got home safely." Nox nodded and swayed further towards the gate. He even was tempted to sing, something. But he dropped that idea, this would drew too much attention. Something that he didn't want. But when he set foot on the main street, he was joined by other drunks. Who did sing a common song. 

"I knew a dancer,

her name was Spencer,

but when I call, she didn't answer."


Nox had no chose and sang with them. With the drunken chore he walked through the gate without any trouble. He followed them until he could hide in the bushes of the Midway Forrest. He had given the bottle of whiskey to one of the drunks, who was really happy with it. Or he seemed happy with it. There was something he was not happy with and that was that stench. Before he could shadow Raven, he needed to wash his shirt and to wash himself. But he needed to wait until the morning. He came to the clearing where the horse was still standing. He was tempted to let the animal go, so he could run towards his home. But what if something happened, he needed a horse to travel back to the cursed island. The horse looked up and sniffed loudly. 

"Yes, I know. I smell. Thank you for the reminder." The horse nodded with his head. Nox walked towards a tree and sat down. He let his head rest against the firm wood. The piece of the drunken song was still stuck in his head. The moon was still high in the dark blue sky, maybe he could take a short nap. He closed his eyes for what seemed a short moment. 


Nox woke up from a lot of noise, the sky turned slowly red. He did not know that he was this tired. Again the noise, it were voices. Nox jumped up and ran towards the horse, untied it, slowly guiding it towards the thick bushes on the edge of the clearing. Before the owners of the loud voices entered the clearing, he laid his hand over the horse it's nose. Knowing that this would keep the animal quiet and calm. A group of four rough-looking man entered the clearing, but before Nox could wonder what they were doing there, Leonidas appeared. Where this the man Raven's sister had in mind? 

"Alright, rich boy, we are here. Give use the name and the money." Said one of the man, probably the leader of the group. Nox looked towards Leonidas, who folded his arms. 

"And how do I know that you wouldn't snitch." The man laughed. 

"Ahh, rich boy thinks he is smart. Well, let me tell you this, I don't snitch. It is bad for business." Leonidas seemed happy with this answer. Because he threw a leather pouch towards the man. The gold and platinum pieces ringing loudly.



"Raven Spargo." The man who caught the pouch, shivered a little. 

"You are crazy, rich boy. But I told you I would do what ever you wanted for the right price." Leonidas grinned. 

"Wonderful, there is something extra in the pouch." Nox saw the man frown. 

"Extra pieces? Why?" Leonidas shrugged. The man opened the pouch and took out a piece of parchment.



"You want us to rape the girl?!" The man was so loud that if a kings guard was nearby he would have heard it. Leonidas nodded. 

"Have some fun with her, before you kill her." The man looked at his man behind him, and then shrugged. 

"Well, it seems you have a deal, rich boy." Leonidas nodded and turned around, leaving the clearing. The group of man, followed him not long after that. Nox cursed, he couldn't believe how low Leonidas has fallen. He was willing to let others do his dirty work, that was nothing new. But killing and rape somebody, that was something that Nox didn't expect from his former best friend and rival. 

"You hear my spirited friend, that is why we stayed here. To protect an innocent girl from her fate." He said, lowering his hand, the horse stamped with his hooves. Probably he had to agree with Nox, but Nox didn't know for sure. "Well, if you are staying here, then I am going to follow the group of unwashed man." The horse nodded and Nox tied the animal up. "Thank you, my friend."


Nox followed the group as close as he dared. Around him hang still the stance of whiskey, and he was afraid that one of the man would smell him if he came too close. It wouldn't matter if he had not fallen a sleep. 



He pushed this thoughts aside, Raven wouldn't be helped if he blamed himself. The men stopped so abrupt that Nox had to jump behind a tree. Why did the men stop? There were nowhere near Raven's house or the road that leads to the mansion. Did they hear him, or smelled him, which was more likely. After a view seconds that felt like an intubated, he dared to look around the trunk. The men were gone.



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