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Raven was not at all surprised to see Leonidas at the door, and even lesser when he went down on one knee. But before he could pop the question, she threw the door in his face. He had the nerve to come to her house and ask her in front of Eliana. She didn't like her sister that much, but nobody deserved to be treaded that way. Besides that, how could he ask her to be the next madam Muliades. She had met him only once. She turned and faced her family, who stared her in awe. 

"How could you do that?" Yelled Eliana, her normally flawless white skin was red from anger. "He was going to propose to you." Raven simply nodded. 

"Yes he was, in front of you. Eliana. He knows that you are in love with him and still he wanted to ask your half sister to marry him. This only indicates that he those not care about you or me." Raven wanted to walk away from this place, but her stepmother grabbed her by the arm. Her grip was tied, a bit too tied. 

"You just refused a man from incredible good stock."

"I refused a man, that is known for sleeping around. Leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and empty promises." Raven looked at her stepmother. 

"And how do you know that, are you a little whore?" Raven tried to get her arm loose, but without any success. "Well, Raven, are you? Just like your mother." The last part was not a question, her stepmother often referred to Raven's mother that way.  

“I am not sleeping around, I am not even allowed to leave the house.” She almost screamed those words, because of the pain. But her stepmother didn’t lose her grip.

“Than how?”
“The servants!” She screamed. “The servants told me.” And not alone the servants, also her father had told her about him.

“He is a man with great ambition, but with a habit of sleeping around. This kind of man is not one I want to consider as my future son-in-law.” Of course, he had not told this to her half-sisters, he already knew they were falling for that man. Her stepmother let her arm loose.

“You are off the hook this time, but realize that man gave you a golden ring out of here.” Her stepmother pointed towards the door. “Think about that.” Raven nodded.


Eliana was very annoyed, how could Leonidas choose Raven,

over her? Of course, Eliana knew that Raven was very beautiful and that a man like Leonidas would considered that desirable. But she was the oldest daughter, and the daughter of Alexander Spargo and Rena Spargo, a ligament daughter. Not like Raven, that was the daughter of a simple kitchen maid that her father screwed when Eliana's mother was pregnant of her. And when that whore got pregnant of Raven, her father gifted her a garden with pearl roses. And what did her mother get, a pearl neckless. Her father was a fool, and still was. How could he expect from her mother to carry for a child that was not even hers. If she was the lady of this house, she would have sent it to the most distant orphaned she could find. No, Eliana felt not any love for her half sister. And now her sister was protecting her? At least that is what she said, but Leonidas came to their house in the middle of the night to ask Raven. Not her, but Raven. Eliana walked up and down in her bedchamber, it was the biggest one in the house. Besides that, from father's and mother's. The giant four-poster bed dominated the room. The light chestnut wood was decorated with butterflies and strings of roses. All her furniture was made from the same material and decorated in the same fashion. Her two younger sisters were often jealous of her room, but she was the oldest, and she should have the best of the best. She sat down and started to brush her hair, with her brush made from silver. No, when Raven refused Leonidas hand, she had humiliated Eliana even more. It was time for her to take matters into her own hands. Leonidas would be hers and Raven will meet her well-deserved fate. 


Raven sat in her mother's garden, the beams of silver moonlight shone on the pink, red and yellow flowers. The three little white bubbles glowed softly in the moonlight. Tears ran down over her cheeks, she missed her father. He would understand why she refused that man, she never could love a man like that. A man that used women for pleasure, filling their heads with promises of love and wealth. And after he is done with them, he leaves them, never to return. Raven shock her head, no, she would not be used like that. She didn't doubt that he really intended to marry her. But that was probably more out of fear for her father and the privileges he could provide. Of course her stepmother didn't saw it that way and her half sisters even less so. Raven's gaze went to the Yellow Pearl rose bush, she looked towards the place of the yellow rose she had given to the rose thief.


Not knowing why, but she wanted to see him again. She sighed and stood up, leaving the garden behind. If she had looked behind her, she had seen Eliana sneaking over the low wall. In a dress that her mother wouldn't approve. 


Eliana entered Volubteam, as usually the town was buzzing with people who enjoined everything that this city had to offer. The many taverns had to keep their doors open to fit all the people, the brothels were filled with man and woman seeking for some pleasures. Eliana straightened her cloak a bit, so it would cover her body and dress. Which was more of a night gown then a dress, hopefully she could catch Leonidas with it. She walked through the busy streets, almost near the city guards that were paroling the streets and keeping everybody in line. At least so far, it was possible. But when she was close to them, nobody will get it in their heads to attack her. Her heart started to pound heavily when she saw it. Red Room a brothel known for its good liquor and women, or men if you paid the right price. She almost ran towards the building, taking a deep breath before she entered.




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