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The World of Orosta
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Hi again, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this brief teaser for my upcoming novel, and thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you liked, disliked, or anything in between. I'd love it, and it would let me know I wasn't alone sending my work into the neverending digital void.

Since this is a new platform for writers like myself, I wanted to make it known that I am also a qualified editor. Finding an editor is hard, so hopefully by posting this here, I can introduce myself and maybe help people end their hunt.

My Credentials

I have a bachelor's degree in English & Communication, graduated summa cum laude at the top of my class, and have more than twelve years of writing experience.

Genres I Accept

The fantasy genre is where I am most skilled. By fantasy, I mean anything on the sliding scale from epic fantasy to modern fantasy to science fantasy. The main reason I am making this plug here in World Anvil is because I know many of the writers here are fantasy enthusiasts. It can be incredibly difficult finding an editor who is well-versed enough in the genre to know the difference between sirens, mermaids, wyrms, wyverns, drakes, dragons, or even that there are differences to begin with. This leaves many authors similar to myself in a bit of a bind.

For those inexperienced with finding an editor, it is important to know that choosing the right editor is vital. The editor must be capable of knowing your story inside and out, and that includes knowing the genre inside and out. An editor well-versed in your genre will be aware of audience expectations for that genre and will, as a result, edit from that perspective. An editor ignorant of the genre and the expectations attached to it will potentially make suggestions ill-suited for your audience that an otherwise experienced editor would not make, saving you valuable time slicing through unhelpful critiques.

Fantasy in particular is one of the most difficult genres to do well because of its very nature, which is why, in my opinion, finding an editor familiar with the genre is even more important for fantasy novels specifically.

Other genres I am open to are science fiction and romance, though I would first need to discuss the novel with you to ensure I was the right fit for you. Only reason I would refuse these other genres is if I felt I was not the right person to edit your novel, because again, it is all about finding the right person. It would be irresponsible of me to edit your work while knowing I was not the right fit.

If you have a more niche genre that you aren't sure fits with the criteria I've listed, please feel free to reach out, and we can discuss your story. It may be a good match after all. No harm in trying! I don't bite . . . much. ;)

Services Offered

Services I offer are proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing, though I am most skilled at developmental editing. I will say now, my services are not cheap, but with me, you get what you pay for. My editing process consists of first reading your manuscript clean as if I was a prospective reader. This allows me to understand the scope and big picture of the novel so I don't go in hacking without context. Afterward, depending on the services requested, I will do a full edit with track-changes applied. Once the edit is finished, you will receive a clean copy of your manuscript fully edited, as well as a separate document with track-changes where you can see every single edit I have done. This makes comparing and contrasting your original manuscript with the edited one simple and easy. In addition to this, I will also provide you with another separate document that explains the why behind my editing choices so you will know exactly what my intent was, making it easier for you to then decide whether to agree with my choices or not. This additional document will also include notes on structural problems, how to fix them, character arc notes and insights, as well as comments on overall pacing and flow. I consider this additional document a teaching tool more than anything, as it will not only help you understand the choices I made for your novel specifically, but also help you improve your writing overall so the next time around you will have a better, stronger manuscript straight out of the gate.

Combatibility Test

As stated in the genre section, it is vital finding the right editor. For those of you familiar with Myers Briggs, please take note I am a female INTJ. If knowing this helps you in determining whether we would be compatible in working with each other, then great!

Contact Info

If you're interested, follow me on Twitter @JLGryphon and shoot me a DM to get in contact. Looking forward to working with you!

Once again, welcome to the world of Orosta; but be forewarned, and always remember:

Dragons lie.


J. L. Gryphon

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