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In the world of ESKǍVAËÍS


Ongoing 1153 Words


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This is the first novel in the Bound Trilogy, and while it is not finished, I am happy to continue sharing this adventure of horror, darkness, mystery, and intrigue. It has has been over 10 years since I started writing this precious child of mine. I just cannot believe I am moving onto the next stage, which is publishing it here on World Anvil. There are a few groups of people whom I should thank for their efforts to help me write this novel. Here goes:



Mom — I know you too well to say that you never supported me. It is hard to find a job writing and that is why I stayed glued to my laptop until the novel was finished. So, here I am, ready to hand you a novel that proves to hold such strength. (Also, thank you for putting up with me during the maddening, sleep-deprived days filled with no coffee).

Cats — Each and every one of you have been my rock during hard times (especially you, Liam). I know I can be a pain in the culo when I snuggle you at random hours of the day, but that's just how I show my love when stress-induced thoughts of my novel start to take over.

Candace Stroder — Bouncing ideas off of you has never been easier, even though we rarely talk since you're busy with work and your own writing.



Janet and Dimitris — Thank you for creating World Anvil. I was never able to quite figure out worldbuilding until someone kept hounding me to hop on over here. Once I did, I finally could organize all my ideas into one place, safely stored for whenever I would need it to work on my manuscripts. World Anvil is a GODSEND for me. I cannot say thank you enough for this website!

Gamingbrew (and fellow Erenel Anvilites) — Discovering Erenel was a random thing on World Anvil. I only happened to be going through the community homepage when I stumbled across it and fell in love with the design. Since then, I have gone on to binge all of the Rise of Harlock campaign and support you in any way I can because of how highly detailed the worldbuilding is. Erenel has now become one source of inspiration out of many that have helped me to shape my world.

Siobhan the writer — You may not believe me, but watching your streams and catching glimpses of the descriptions in your novels has helped get me back in tune with writing after taking a long break due to starting on World Anvil. Dialogue is usually my strong suit, but to create vivid scenery was what I was hoping for. Thank you.

Esongbird — Whenever I watch your streams, your enthusiasm hypes everyone up! Thanks to you, another crazy day comes and goes. Glancing back, I can still remember when I first came across your stream and felt slammed in the face with so much positive mental attitude (PMA). You encouraged me to be more open to helping others with their worldbuilding and plotting, which in turn has helped me with my own worldbuilding.

WriterGreg — Your "Morning Marches" has helped me out tremendously with writing. Heck, sprints, in general, are the reason I can even think about my novel while avoiding worldbuilding. Thank you!

Erin Righ— With your mind full of history of war and military, I am able to come up with all the hardcore battles that follow Kěith and his friends everywhere they go. Thanks!



Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia) — I never expected to randomly come across a published author through World Anvil's Summer Camp, but I am glad I did! Watching your streams and talking in your discord has helped inspire me to step a bit out of my comfort zone.

Z Brewer — You were the first source of inspiration I got with writing. The moment I first read Tenth Grade Bleeds (I know, I know. I was stupid to begin there), I was intrigued to pick the pen back up and without that book, I would never have created Wolf Bound. Thanks!



Kěith Cheonsa — Days grow short, my young friend, and your father grows more powerful with each passing second. Your brave soul and dedication to protecting your friends (especially Jack) are more real than any folktale. Keep your soul strong in this darkening tunnel ahead of you. You will need it!

Jack McClain and Zeya — With such fury in your bones, both of you know that the war's end is fast approaching the land of Eskǎvaëís, and you two alone know who can stop it. Keep Kěith alive, or all is lost. Such a strong burden to bear, but so is saving the world alongside your mate.

Wolf Slayer — Your dark thoughts intrigue me. I cannot refuse to tell the truth… You are a part of my inner darkness. I do not know what indulged me to write about a night terror such as yourself, but it is fun! Power and darkness lie ahead for you now. Are you ready to face the prophecy?

Léhä Tepes — There are not many siblings who would take the stressful job of keeping their hot-headed older half-brother on the right track, but I suppose that Kěith's stubbornness does need someone to help pull the reins on him. There are many more battles ahead of you, young Blood Witch. So stay on your toes.

Lucas Volnami, Mason Lux, Daniel Mi, and Kyle Fenikkusu — Four boys destined for greatness—one siren, one griffin, one shapeshifter, and the last a phoenix. You all manage to keep the chill of my spine tingling for more. I need to know more about you four. Stay courageous through the next part of your journey. We all need you!

Michanikós Klóstis and Syus Nightingale — My favorite little alchemic engineer and my favorite bodyguard that impede telling me anything about the plans of the Itude Empire... You two have emotionally traveled far in your journies since first appearing in this first book. Vol'nische is no mere place for the likes of you and yet, you still stay. I could not be more proud of you than ever before. May your flasks and swords stay sharp, and your hearts sieged with Darkness to block out Moon.

Vladimir Tepes — Darkness. Torment. Confusion. A riddle of twists with you. What a slippery slope you are left to peer over. Can you not tell what is down in the abyss? Secrets will soon be revealed, Emperor. Stay tuned for more.


Thank you all again.

Stay with me, all of you, and let us see where this winding road of Eskǎvaëís will take us.


Amelia Nite

August 9th, 2020

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