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In the world of ESKǍVAËÍS


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An Introduction

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Welcome. Welcome.

I see you've made it to Wolf Bound, the very first book in the Bound Trilogy. If you've made it here, then let me explain to you why the prologue is locked...

I purposefully set the prologue as locked as I am only requesting Beta Readers to have a look at it. Until I get a little more feedback, then the only way you'll be able to gain any more information on this trilogy is if you take a look around Eskǎvaëís, the world I have created for this specific reason. I'll try not to post too many spoilers in the meantime.

Now, are you ready to take off into the night full of terror, intrigue, and mystery? This universe will be Kěith and Jack's story as they adventure into the unknown, the war always on their heels, threatening to trip them up at the slightest mistake. I do hope you stick around to enjoy the world as I've only begun to delight your taste buds with this exotic new trilogy.

For now, keep checking back to see if the prologue has been unlocked!


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