BS Book 1: Wolf Bound

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Book 1 of the Bound Series.
  Warning: If you can't handle extreme angst, this isn't the story for you.
  "Like Underworld meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Supernatural!"
  On the planet of Eskǎvaëís lives Kěith Cheonsa, the son of the most powerful vampire in existence, Emperor Vladimir Tepes. His lifestyle congregates around money, fame, blood, and Exotic Pet auctions. It's only when the son of a werewolf Alpha is being sold at one of the many Exotic Pet auctions does Kěith's life turn upside down.
  Jack McClain, the only heir to the Winter Moon Pack, finds himself being sold off at an Exotic Pet auction. He thinks his worst fears are coming to life... Oh, how he's wrong. The moment Jack finds himself being bought by Emperor Vlad's crown prince, he learns that perhaps a heartless vampire can love.
  The two make the most awkward match among their species, but Kěith and Jack will do whatever it takes to stay together. And then Emperor Vlad goes and announces that Kěith is to be wed to the only living son of Earl Justice by the year's end. Now, it's a race against time for the vampire-werewolf duo to seal their love into the history of their world.
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