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Chapter two

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Blacksmith Delhara

A pile of blunt swords lay beside Delhara's forge, awaiting to be sharpened. He picked one up and began to sharpen it at the grindstone. Delhara was shaped a bit like a boulder, his face covered in bushes of black facial hair. He had lived in Rudinia all his life, only ever leaving the city to get materials and food. He had a wife and three kids, who were all currently buying goods at the market in the center of town. As Delhara hammered away at his craft, there was suddenly a long hornblow from outside. He slowly got up, and went on towards the door. As he got closer, he started hearing screams. His pace quickened and as he burst out of his little house, he saw fumes of smoke rising from Rudin Citadel. He got up on his horse and rode like the wind had taken him.

Guard Forick

Using his spear like a great fork, Forick, a guardian of Rudin halls, fought off the invading horde of Trollk. Behind him, villagers were evacuating the townsquare and running for their lives. Forick stabs another trollk and then falls back. There are far too many for a group of ten guards to handle. He makes haste toward the chapel, and races inside. The Chapel is empty. Their is a stained glass window at the end of the hall depicting the Great Eye, Amuto Idon. Idon's bulging eye mosaic seems like it's watching Forick dart down the hall. He comes to the spiral staircase that leads up the belltower to the great bell of Rudin's shout. He runs up the stairs as fast as he can, the midday sun shining in on him, giving him hope and courage. Panting, he had finally reached the top. He struck the bell with his spear, causing it to ring out across the lands. Those who were not aware of this invasion had now hopefully been alerted. He looked out over the town, and noticed a group of Trollk using a lantern to set fire to some of the houses. Forick took his bow from his back, and an arrow from his quiver. This was his home. His memories. His life. He would not stand and watch his past be reduced to ashes. He drew his bow back, and let the arrow fly.

Blacksmith Delhara

As Delhara came into the square, he reared to a stop. He could not take in what was in front of him. Flowers. His daughter had always loved flowers. Especially the purple ones. He got down from his horse, and amidst the flames of war, a single lilac grew out of a patch of untouched soil. He focused on that lilac, and pushed all other noise and thoughts from his mind. Who knows how long he stood there. He just didn't feel like moving. Suddenly, Delhara hears a faint galloping. At first, it sounds like one horse, but soon it sounds like a whole army. Delhara snaps out of his trance and looks up to find a man on horseback showing the colours of the great city of Campion.

Captain Judice

Judice looked down at the small bearded man before him. 'What is your name?' he asks of the bearded man. 'I-Ian Delhara, of Rudinia.' he replies stuttering. 'Well, we have rid your home of Trollk scum. You will tell us if there is anything you need, yes.' With that, Judice trotted off. In the distance, he can see a single archer up in the belltower. He gallops over to investigate. As he approaches, the archer beams down at him. 'Our saviors! You have defended our village with great skill and courage, O one of Campion! I am proud to call you my neighbour!' Judice smiles. 'No worries, O one of Rudinia. I saw that you are skilled with a bow. Keep training and I'm sure you'll be able to best me with ease.' The archer disappeared into the chapel, and ended up beside Judice with surprising speed. 'May I ask you your name?' the archer spoke. 'Alexander Judice,' Judice replied, 'but I prefer just 'Judice'. Yours?' The archer looks up at him, 'Oh, I'm Forick, Guardian of Ridin halls.' Judice turned his horse away, 'Well, it was nice meeting you, Forick. I will remember your name.' And then Judice rode off in the direction of Kinwood...


General Quare

Sear suddenly awoke sweating on the table, gasping for breath. Quare rushed over with a towel, and wiped the sweat from his forehead. 'He's burning hot!' Quare called over to Wendy. She got a bucket of herbs and water, put it in a wooden cup, and came over. She tried to make Sear drink it. Drops were making it into his mouth, which seemed to cool him down. Soon, he was okay. A bit drowsy, but okay. He told them both about his nightmare, and about the man of no hands. Quare was highly troubled by this, and asked Wendy if she knew anything about it. 'I heard somewhere- that there is a-a dark d-druid...That can haunt peoples minds and make them hallucinate.' She seemed frightened to even mention it. 'Maybe go to Rivor, in Emerld. The druids there'll know something about it.' Sear slowly got up from the table, and steadied himself. 'Then that's where I'm going. Quare...You with me?' Quare looked at him and gave a small smile. 'Always'...

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