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God Noise

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The venomous snake slithers over bloodied ground, waiting for the ultimate prey. The young raven innately yearns to fly, fearful of clipped wings. Separate, yet unknowingly intertwined, they await the vibrations in air and land as war nears in their fragile world. Linked by the noise of gods, the raven must learn to croak and flee the nest of chains as the snake strikes to kill the noise, to dance in merciful silence, one tremble at a time.


Welcome to the fifth attempt at this story! Hopefully, this one is worthy of the awesome cover I made for it! I apologize for so many duplicates of this story, but I am having trouble with Manuscripts and I might even have to delete this if the problem occurs again.
  There will be all sorts of unpleasant things in this, as in typos, grammatical errors, and so forth, and I apologize for that. I am a mere wannabe novelist...
  Please read the preface for more information on God Noise.