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By Mar Qaroll

270 1 0 1305

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] The Boogeyman is the name given to a supernatural entity with variants throughout the world in nearly every culture. What none are the wiser to is this entity comes in a pair. Bogar and Bojan masquerade as the wealthy Owën twins, dangerous,...

Human Shed Skin: Inhuman

By Mar Qaroll

679 2 2 7470

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] [1 of 3] Expert hunter of the denizens of Hell and anything inhuman, Jean-Luc Lowell, believed in his family’s credence that inhumans are the lowest kind of creatures, scourges of the planet and deserve to be eliminated. But after a bold...

Human Shed Skin: Hybrid

By Mar Qaroll

66 0 0 0

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] It is 2010. A sudden resurgence of strange inhuman activity has swelled once more, and the magic-user Altercroft's half-demon children are at the crux of it all. While the Clovure Hunter Underground is more than prepared for this, the mysterious...