Fan Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Wanted Hero.


What is the MAIN series called?

The main series is called: Chronicles of a Hero

It is about the adventures of an 18 year old teen named Wendell P. Dipmier and his comical sidekicks.

How many books are in Chronicles of a Hero??

Currently there are seven books in the Chronicles of a Hero series:

  1. Prelude to a Hero
  2. Race to Til-Thorin
  3. Into the Fire
  4. Trench Wars
  5. Second Chances
  6. The Truth About Lies
  7. The Price of Fame

Book #8 ‘Howling Shadows‘ is currently being developed.

Why is the world called Wanted Hero?

Wow, that’s a fantastic question. Let me try to be concise here.

‘Wanted Hero’ started as a concept. My original idea was to craft a world wrapped around a specific set of characters, but in that world there would be many storylines. Many lives, many conflicts, unlimited adventures.

Each storyline would have a similar goal: to take seemingly ordinary people and push them through grueling events and conflict. Put them through adventures that would uncover hidden talents, desires and determination, showing readers that they could not only survive…but thrive.

In short, I wanted to create a world of HEROES.

Because I wanted to find that hero in each story, that’s what I called it…and the name ‘Wanted Hero’ stuck.

Every book points to Chronicles of a Hero. Wendell’s adventures are at the very heart of the Wanted Hero world…but depending on your age and personal interest, you might decide to read another series. Our second series is Höbin Luckyfeller’s Fieldguides…and there are more coming!

You sell eBooks here, but are your books available in print?

Absolutely! Many readers prefer paper over a digital experience =).

Except for short stories, I publish a print version of all my books, which you can order through Amazon and more than 20,000 brick and mortar stores (like Barnes & Noble). My books are also available through public libraries and a growing number of public schools, too.

If you don’t see these books on the shelves of your local bookstore OR at your local library, just ask the bookstore to order it. You can request your local library to purchase a copy for you as well (though you may have to rally a few other requests to put your desired book in demand).

Is it true you offer discounts on this website?

I sure do!

You’ll find fantastic value in each order (I like to include exclusive materials you can’t find elsewhere) and incredible pricing on book bundles, which are every day savings. If you join my FAN CLUB, you’ll also receive discount codes in your email box from time to time.

Other than that, I like to offer special holiday packages and ‘Buckley Day’ Deals (when my family and I celebrate things, just because we can…we share our fun and excitement with readers =)


Is it true that you give away FREE books?

That’s correct.

Our FAN CLUB members receive an email when a new book is about to be published. Oftentimes I will provide a direct link and the opportunity for those fans to download the new release, completely free. I do this before it’s available to the public and only for my Fans. This doesn’t happen with every book, but it does happen often.

This is exclusive to our FAN CLUB, so if you’re interested, consider joining today.


Is there an age limit to this website?

We designed this site to entertain 14-17 year old readers.

That doesn’t mean we exclude others from the site, because we don’t.

Truth is, the site was created to entertain the authors own kids, which spans age 9 to age 24, so we have younger fans and much, MUCH older fans that enjoy the books, games and activities here.

FACT: our oldest NON-family fan is over 80 years old and actually traveled to Utah to meet Jaime Buckley. How cool is THAT!

Our books are written for Young Adult age and older, but hey–there’s some pretty smart kids out there!


Why are there only first names on your testimonials?

The author insisted that we protect the youth and families who visit this website.

Though the world wide web is a fantastic tool, it can also be used for darker purposes. To avoid exposing our readers to unwanted attention, we only publish first names for testimonials, unless they’re 18+. You’ll notice we also exclude pictures of youth–unless we have written permission from parents to do otherwise.

Again, this is for the protection of our young readers and because we respect our family patrons.

Can I submit fan artwork?

We LOVE fan art!

In fact, as soon as we have enough, we’d like to expand the gallery and create a fan section too!!

(so that’s a YES, you can submit artwork)

Right now we don’t have a system in place to take the artwork, but if you have something you’ve done that you’d like to send us, you’ll need to do TWO things:

  1. Make sure the art is at 72dpi (dots per inch), and;
  2. Your artwork file MUST be under 100kb (kilobytes).

Once those two things are done, go ahead and email the artwork to

PLEASE NOTE: If your file is larger than 100kb, it will be deleted without being opened.


How many times can I take a quiz?

Ahhh, didn’t like the score you received?

Not as clever with Wanted Hero lore as you thought you were, hmmmMMM??

Not a problem. You can retake the test as many times as you like–though we do, from time to time, increase and/or change the questions, so beware…we might even change the timing =).

Just know that we clear out the quiz results each week, so you might not find your score in our database. That may well change when we figure out how to create a leaderboard and allow fans to compete against each other.

Oh, and by the way…we are outlining a project right now, to allow for readers to actually qualify to become an Official, LICENSED fishis, JUST LIKE HÖBIN LUCKYFELLER! That’s right. Pass this master test and you’ll receive an official, wax sealed envelope with your certification, signed off by Höbin himself.

Oh yeah…it’s gonna be awesome.

Point is–the quizzes are there for fun, so have some.

Can I really request ANYthing?

When we decided to rebuild this entire website from scratch and throw out over ONE THOUSAND PAGES of information, we decided on one specific course to take: This must be about 14-17 year old readers.

What that meant was, we deleted our mailing list because 99.9% of them were adults.

We don’t write for them. We write for you.

So in building this site, each consideration is passed by an in-house board of youth and then finalized by the author personally.

The REQUEST FORM was crafted to let you, the reader, tell the author what your interests are. If there’s something you want to know, see or do, this is your opportunity to say something and actually be heard!

The information received from that form will be read and seriously considered…and if it can be done, it more than likely will be.

Hey, the first person to USE the form requested a video game be made and waddya-know, the author contacted a couple game programers and started the process!


Why buy from this site instead of a retailer, like Amazon?

Great question…and it has a great answer.

…because you’ll get more directly from us.

It’s true that we do not, at present, sell print copies of our books directly from this website. That IS going to change. For now, you will have to purchase paperback versions online or from your local book chains if you prefer paper to electronic books, but that’s where the advantage ends.

In fact, there are THREE SPECIFIC REASONS you should consider buying your digital books directly from us, instead of other retailers:

#1. We offer the best bundle deals available, including coupons and discounts for those who join our FAN CLUB (check it out). When buying directly from us, you receive better value for your money.

#2. Many of our short stories and materials are sold exclusively through this website (which means the public HAS to get them here). These are stories that will never be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks or anywhere else for that matter. We keep our [magical] secrets and only share them directly with our readers.

#3. (A) Our packages include both .mobi (Kindle) and .ePub (Nook/iPad) versions, …(B) with our encouragement to share ONE COPY with someone you know (try THAT with Amazon). You read that correctly. We want you to share the one extra file we give you!

The truth is, we want to entertain you directly. Yes, we sell our books through traditional avenues, but when we can serve you directly, we can sell for less AND make a greater profit (without costing you a penny more), because the vendors don’t take their cut. By providing the best service and experience we possibly can, you receive more value, more adventure, more insight and exclusivity, more freedom (sharing), while helping us to put a little more food on our own tables.

The fact is, we want to interact directly with you, not through a third party vendor. Not if we don’t have to.

So consider buying our stories directly from It’s a win-win for both of us =)

This site was created to entertain you, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.


Do you only sell electronic goods?

No and Yes.

Until we grow a little bigger, we outsource all NON-digital as much as possible. The dream and goal is to eventually have all things in-house, including t-shirts, games, even printing books, comics and making toys. The reality of it, though, is it’s too expensive and we won’t take investors. That means we’re building it as we can afford it.

So here’s what we do…(for now)

We provide all digital goods through and we also do special projects, like custom, limited run, signed posters–which we create and print locally, then ship to you. Other than that, we use POD (print on demand) services, so we can keep writing books and still give you what you ask for.

  • Books are created through Createspace and sold through Amazon.
  • T-Shirts are created through Teepublic because, A) they have the highest quality for the lowest price on the web, B) their prices are fixed ($20 per shirt & $23 for 5XL) and best of all, C) the store they provide doesn’t compete with us (that’s huge). Now, we’ve also talked about doing campaigns for limited shirts once in a while–when there is a specific demand for it, like a custom Dax or Chuck shirt for example.
    If we do that, then we’ll go through Teespring and make it a huge event online.
  • Posters we’re still not sure yet, though Teepublic offers the service, and they’re wonderful quality.
  • Game (both card and boardgames) we will be using The Game Crafter (see our Go SMILEY game) until we can find a better source, or go to a major manufacturer.

Long story short–if you press a link for merchandise on this website and it sends you to another location, now you know why =)


Can I get a signed copy of the books?

Yes, that can be arranged.

Once in a while, we purchase copies for that very purpose.

Just watch the store for details and if for some reason you can’t wait, shoot Jaime and email through this site and he’ll figure something out.



Have you ever thought of writing a RPG?

Funny you should mention that.

We play Role Playing Games on a regular basis around here.

Yes, Jaime Buckley has had plans to craft and release a series of games based on the Wanted Hero world–which is one of the reasons he decided to create the WHAT IF series. He wanted to take readers back 700 year before Wendell arrived and give you a glimpse into the world as it was when the Kingdoms were struggling against Master Mahan.

The trick is to craft a method of play that would not only entertain, but would be both easy to play AND attract new players to the world.

Not easy to do, but were working on it. =)


Do you have any other games being designed?

We do. Our list is long, in fact.

For the next while, our focus is on the development of this site (to fill it up with information), the t-shirt shop and most importantly of all…MORE BOOKS! Once those have been satisfactorily conquered, we’ll be moving on to re-crafting and releasing “Go SMILEY!” and then finishing up our long awaited (6+ years in the making): TRENCH WARS

We’re considering a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to get that manufactured professionally.

Soooo, yup!


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